Loved & Lost


We are pleased to finally introduce our little project (that is actually a rather large project), conceived for this year's Cultural Program/LMFF 11 ... It's name is Loved & Lost.

There are two components to the project and the first one can be viewed simply by following this link ...

... to what is an online noticeboard for lost and found single items. Have you lost an earring, or mitten (or perhaps you saw a single glove at lunch today that was missing its owner)? Loved & Lost can help. With any luck, a visit to the site will explain how but, if it's at all confusing, please do let us know as we are still testing the waters. We would love your comments and contributions.

The second component of the project is a sort of travelling exhibition. In order to stimulate a steady flow of Found Items, Loved & Lost will be establishing several 'collection sites' around town - so that if you do find a glove, you can potentially drop it off at a place nearby. As an added incentive, the drop boxes at each collection site will double as display units for new works by some of your/our favourite designers. Milly Sleeping is the primary collection site but we'll be setting up at a couple more places soon - all of the updates will be posted at the Loved & Lost site.

Many thanks to Reuben at absent design for all his hard hard fun work.

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