Stockroom now open...


Things to do this weekend ...

Visit Milly Sleeping (Priority One, of course) to see our reopened stockroom and the continuation of our sale. The lovely pieces pictured above are just a few of the late Summer 'specials' (most plucked from our under $100 rack); there are also lots of great jackets, wool tops and bottoms, and dresses to consider for Autumn and Winter (which are basically upon us).

You might discover the very temporary Arnsdorf Concept Store - open this weekend only - at 90 Moor Street, Fitzroy. We know the clothes are wonderful but the architecture looks excellent too, and worth a trip in itself..?

And/or, visit Bus projects to see the first exhibition in the new space - Body Language (Getting Lost in Translation) - in the basement of Donkey Wheel House at 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

*  *  *

Pictured: Lui Hon Voice of Hope top (RRP $250 now $115) with Alexi Freeman gather pants (RRP $220 now $75);
Lonely Hearts ladder dress - worn two ways - (RRP $273 now $120) - also available at our 
online store;
ESS Laboratory silk trim singlet (RRP $180 now $85) with Materialbyproduct pleat skirt (RRP 350 now );
Lonely Hearts floral tuxedo skirt (RRP $252 now $90) with Lonely Hearts Tabbitha top (RRP $343 now $247) - also available at our
online store;
Romance Was Born mourning dress (RRP $308 now $120)