S!x for In Visible Ink


Although the S!x studio is (and has long been) accessible to their clients in a quite casual and personal way, the working practices of Denise and Peter remain fairly mysterious. 

Each new collection of garments appears to have naturally evolved from the one before, and yet there are always surprises – a new twist – an investigation into a new technique.

Much of the work has an air of spontaneity and improvisation, but S!x are skilled tailors. They work with many different methods for marking the cloth by hand - their materials are distressed, or added to, printed upon and manipulated - using shaping and dyeing techniques derived from the art of ‘shibori’.

The S!x pieces exhibited as part of In Visible Ink are examples of shibori, wherein the fabric is compressed, before being dyed and brought back into shape. The circular form of the garments and the radial dye marks are a simply, lovely complement to one another – what inspired what is for you to guess.

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