September at Von Haus


Turn, turn, turn...

In case you've just tuned in, every Friday and Saturday, Milly Sleeping opens in a second location - on the upper level of the beautiful Von Haus building, on Crossley Street in Melbourne town.

We share a tiny showroom with the S!X label, at the other end of the hall from Sarah Scout. Every month (to six weeks), there is a general shake-up and rearrangement on our floor - the gallery bumps out one exhibition and bumps in the next, while we whisk the remainder of one lot of garments back to Carlton, and set up a new selection in the space, often in tandem with our own exhibition of sorts.

Since we've been in the city, Milly Sleeping has presented a showcase of costumery by Alexi Freeman, and participated in the Look.Stop.Shop project in collaboration with Gracia + Louise. During September, we will be involved in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week fun-times, with a new project at Von Haus titled, Stringing Things Together (Friday August 31 - Saturday September 29).

Along with this special showcase of jewellery, our racks will hold the work of the ffiXXed label (with some Primoeza and High Tea 'thrown in' for good measure). We're starting with a selection of sale garments from past seasons, and will soon add some new bits and pieces from the latest ffiXXed collection, Home Away From Home - how fitting!

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Pictured: ffIxxed cube bag (l. blue) - was $201, now $161

ffIxxed wool cardigan - was $264, now $185 - with Primoeza merino fine grid scarf - was $149, now $127

ffiXXed oversized drawstring shirt - was $266, now $160

ffIxxed cube bag (ivory) - was $201, now $161

Primoeza landscape wrap - was $219, now $175

ffiXXed raglan dress shirt - was $197, now $147

ffiXXed wool/silk t-shirt/scarf dress - was $480, now $285

ffiXXed linen tassel scarf - was $87, now $69.50

High Tea escape-rope scarf - was $110, now $94

ffiXXed tailored jacket bag - was $233, now $140

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