Bookish types


This post was originally about the general excellence of our current sale, until I was reminded that today is National Bookshop Day and realised that - in a way - the images I'd compiled fit right in.

I mean, don't you think these are great looks for gals with books? Studious shirts, capacious totes for copious notes, and the sensibly-heeled Morris boots (re-ordered cherry and chestnut styles are now in store).

We even have books for gals to buy. Drop by today (or stick to your favourite reading chair and browse online).

*  *  *

Pictured: Morris Boot in cherry and chestnut (RRP $335 now $285);

Lui Hon De Ville bolero tux jacket (RRP $425 now $298) with Kuwaii Beyond the World skirt (RRP $289 now $231) and Livia Arena silkie jumper (RRP $329 now $280);

Strange & Strange pure wool manstyle sweater (RRP $398 now $338 ) with Strange & Strange merino slouch pant (RRP $198 or $168);

Romance Was Born Vase tote (RRP $242 now $168);

ffiXXed shirt top with blazer ends (RRP $252 now $176);

ffiXXed Louis sheer shirt dress (RRP $220 now $176)

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