Directions and developments


For the past fortnight, one of our mannequins has been dressed in this gorgeous (though annoyingly un-photogenic) combination of ffiXXed 'Directional Developments' shirt and Lui Hon wrap pants. I have thought many admiring things when walking by each day, and would have purchased the shirt on the basis of the outfit, except that I already own it. It is a fully buttoning cotton shirt with an attached 'swathe', which can be wrapped, twisted or just kind of plonked, scarf or wrap-like, about the shoulders. The shirt can be very casual or kind of scrupulous and Japanese looking. It is now just $149 on sale!, along with the Lui Hon 'Azy' pants (were $444 now $354) and the mannequin's new outfit - the Romance Was Born 'Owl' skirt (was $290 now $203) and High Tea with Mrs Woo 'Crossjack' top (was $168 now $134).

Also pictured (and much admired), peeping out from behind the figures, our LookStopShop collage series by Gracia + Louise. Although the program has officially ended, and we have taken down the lovely Von Haus display, we couldn't resist, with G + L's blessing, hanging on to the Whose Lights Were Now Seen Glittering prints, as well as the indefatigable charm... These pieces, as well as the beautiful new accompanying zine, will be available from Milly for another week or so only - $40 for a print or just $15 for the full colour zine featuring all of the works in the series.

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