Every time we partake in a new project, we learn things. In the past week or so, I have learnt many things from Gracia & Louise, including the fact that charm is the collective noun for finches.

This leads me to wondering what the group name for gloves is. I like P. Durston's suggestion - a flap.

 A crowd, a wave, a handful... an ovation..?

And what about scarves? A series, a whirl or a swirl?

In this case, it must be a sale of scarves, for these (and more, by Alexi Freeman, Kyoko, High Tea, MüCKE and Primoeza) have all had their prices marked down... Our silly signs have come down temporarily from the front window to make way for our lovely LookStopShop installation but the sale is certainly still running.

Flock in, there's a whole lot to see.

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