Wednesday already! As mentioned last week, the LookStopShop program starts today...

This is a city-wide installation series; there are 24 sites (mostly stores and a few galleries) having their windows and walls worked over by great local artists and artisans. You can see a full list of participants and locations here...

Milly is on the map, twice! The lovely, and very fastidious and patient, Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, have created two new pieces for our spaces:

 A Charm of Finches Good as Gold, comprising one hundred golden paper pretties (who came in quiet order and are now flying excitedly this way and that in our windows at Carlton), and... 

Whose Lights Were Now Seen Glittering, a series of 28 collages. Six of these works sit among friends in a gorgeous old display cabinet in the downstairs foyer of Von Haus, while the other 22 can be discovered back at Carlton. 

We'll tell you more about the themes and stories that inspire the works soon but, for now, a few quick snaps:


Gracia and Louise's beautiful digital prints can be ordered as individual pieces, for $40 each. We also have a very delicious-looking selection of (sun-drenched) zines created by the pair in limited editions, and we will soon be receiving a particularly special zine featuring all of the new works in the Whose Lights series. For updates, and all sorts of insights and delights, you might follow G + L on the bookTwitter or at their respective blogs, High Up in the Trees and Elsewhere.

Many many thanks to Gracia and Louise, and curators, Moth Design, for all of their hard handiwork.