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a feast for the eyes - 'The Bride, The Ship and The Wardrobe' - Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales curate The Johnston Collection at Fairhall, with a special presentation of works by themselves (AKA Romance Was Born) and Kate Rohde (picture from a nice little article by Tempe Nakiska at Broadsheet);

'non-working title', an installation of new work by Fiona Lau and Kain Picken (AKA ffiXXed) at glorious Craft Vic (picture by Lily Feng);

coming soon...

'How the light gets in' - an exhibition of artworks at e.g. etal by contemporary jewellers and artists including, and inspired by, Emma Grace (pictured pieces by Nicholas Jones, Ellie Mücke and Kate Tucker);

'Rough diamonds, hidden gems' - a preview to two window installations by Gracia & Louise, curated by Milly Sleeping (AKA 'us') for both our city and Carlton spaces. We can't wait to reveal more... This project will be part of the Look.Stop.Shop program curated by Moth Design for the City of Melbourne, starting July 18.

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