Such is the light and chipped-paint splendour of Von Haus, when we ventured there to take a series of 'practical' photos for our online store, we couldn't help but get carried away with the old point-and-click.

But don't the garments look so beautiful here? This is their last weekend in the city! Drop in today or tomorrow, between 12 and 6pm, to see Milly's AF collection at Von Haus, curated beside the beautiful costumes and headpieces, soon to be returned to The Australian Ballet.

All remaining garments will (as of next Tues) be brought back to Carlton, to join the ranks of our sale, while nine styles are available immediately, just across the way. Postage for online orders is free!

*  *  *

Alexi Freeman mesh gather gown (RRP $325 now $244)

Alexi Freeman chain kite tee (RRP $199 now $149)

Alexi Freeman gather skirt/cape (RRP $199 now $149) with Alexi Freeman Galaxy scarf (RRP $89 now $71)

Alexi Freeman wool cashmere stud coat (RRP $775 now $659)

Alexi Freeman disco bat dress (RRP $292 now $90)

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