Art of the Scarf


A snippet of conversation was overheard yesterday, between students on the quiet, scrap-laden tenth floor of RMIT's Building 8, which happens to be designated to Fashion. Young women from different classes were comparing notes following Sydney's recent Fashion Week. One of them had been able to go but it seemed that she hadn't been interested in many of the actual catwalk parades - the show that she had seen, which she recalled with much admiration, was the one by Jenny Kee.

This conversation, you can be sure, was not the first time that the show had been singled out. In case you haven't heard, Jenny Kee is not only back, but back to her bestest. Many, many, many people, whether watching with nostalgic pride and/or fresh awe, considered the show a highlight of the Week. And a rare treat it obviously was, showcasing new prints by JK along with stunning pieces from her extensive archive, styled with the special help of none other than Anna and Luke from Romance Was Born...

But back to that conversation... The girls went on to say how remarkable it is that JK is making such a brilliant return to prominence. Again, this seems to be a common source of wonder and excitement ... and to no-one more so than JK herself.

We know this because she said so, to Janette, on the phone.

Yep, we can now announce with great pleasure, that not only did Jenny Kee drop by Milly Sleeping one day (a source of excitement in itself), we will soon be receiving a selection of her wonderful silk scarves for our Carlton and city spaces. The scarves come in varying sizes/shapes and are the perfect canvas for JK's vivid, original prints  - a range of iconic designs that have recently been re-released as well as some gorgeous new works.

Watch this space for news of their arrival... or feel free to send a request for specific details of the pieces on their way.

*  *  *

Thanks to Rae Begley at Little Hero for the images; all photos by Lucas Dawson.

'Art of the Scarf' show credits:
Casting and Production - Sunny Grace - Sun Productions
Styling - Anna Plunkett, Luke Sales and Jenny Kee 
Concept and Direction - Jenny Kee and Rae Begley
Hair Director - Richard Kavanagh for Redken
Make Up Director - Natasha Severino for M.A.C
Nails - CND
Shoes - Melissa 
Jewellery - Harlequin Markets
Flowers and Installation  - Grandiflora
Music - Jonny Seymour

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