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Here is an overdue peek into our jewellery cabinet, which holds brilliant and fine things from the Paleozoic Dreams collection by Estelle Dévé ... earrings by Alexi + Tessa ... and button brooches by High Tea with Mrs Woo. Everybody could use a big wooden button, couldn't everybody (or everybody's mum)?! Each is about 6cm in diameter.

Also, while we're peeking...
here is a lovely read about the making of a patchwork sweater,
here is a great idea for Saturday afternoon,
and here is a well-deserved nod to ED from Susie Bubble.

*  *  *

Pictured above: Estelle Dévé gold Ophyr ring set (RRP $135 or $115 for subscribers);

Alexi + Tessa gold chain earrings (RRP $70 or $60);

Estelle Dévé Flint necklace (RRP $225 or $191), and Flint bracelet (RRP $170 or $145);

High Tea 'Devil's medal' button brooch (RRP $48);

Estelle Dévé Neogene earrings - cast using baby shark's teeth! - (RRP $145 or $123) 

Estelle Dévé shield ring (RRP $140 or $119)

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