Happy Easter!


Kristy B of Kuwaii dropped in with her new Beyond the World midi skirt today ... and soon after a very Autumnul picture started coming together... Light weight knits and layery things in all kinds of falling leaf tones. Actually, today, the various stripes and prints seem also reminiscent of marbled eggs and fabulous foil wrappers...

Happy Easter dear reader.

Milly Sleeping will be closed tomorrow for Good Friday but open Easter Saturday, Sunday (and Tuesday).

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Limedrop Nightlights twist shoulder tee (RRP $176 or $150 with subscribers' discount) with Livia Arena leather pocket pants (RRP $329 or $280);

Romance Was Born silk Vase print tee (RRP $290 for $247) with Kuwaii Beyond the World skirt (RRP $289 or $246);

Kuwaii mesh twist tee (RRP $175 or $149) with Limedrop Nightlights leggings (RRP $154 or $131);

Strange & Strange stripe merino cardigan (RRP $165) with Kuwaii skirt (RRP $289);

Limedrop Nightlights twist shoulder tee (RRP $176 or $150);

Romance Was Born sheer silk Vase blouse (RRP $390 or $332) with Livia Arena pants (RRP $329 or $280);

Strange & Strange stripe merino longline knit (RRP $150 or $128) with Kuwaii skirt (RRP $289 or $246);

Strange & Strange merino shortline knit (RRP $134 or $114)

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None of the imagery above should be taken as evidence 'for' or 'against', relative to Milly Sleeping's stance in the matter of Leggings As Pants.

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