Black magic


It's frustrating to photograph the black garments... We get excited by the detail and then *click*, and the detail is lost... Please, lean right into the screen. See the soft, fuller drape on the right side of the Livia Arena Fall shirt. See the leather pocket inserts in Livia's beautifully tapering trousers. See the gorgeous velvet spot mesh panels on the new Kuwaii dress (and just imagine the sweet little buttons at the wrists). See the magical doubling twist of the Lui Hon tube top. See the bottom panel of the ffiXXed tee, split and curving like a blazer, with pockets - and detached wrist cuffs! Finally, see the exquisite pleat detailing and double ties of the Lui Hon wrap skirt.

And now, see the magic that happens with the prices, when you apply a 15% discount:

*  *  *

Livia Arena Fall shirt (RRP $230 or $196 with subscribers' discount) with Livia Arena leather pocket pant (RRP $329 or $280);

Kuwaii Hobby Horse dress (RRP $349 or $297);

Lui Hon E. C. tube top (RRP $266 or $226);

Livia Arena silkie jumper (RRP $329 or $280) with leather pocket pant;

ffiXXed tshirt blazer end - cuffs not sold separately ($252 or $214) with LA leather pocket pant;

Lui Hon wrap skirt-smith (RRP $365 or $310) with LA fall shirt

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