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In the past week or so, Milly Sleeping has enjoyed a little flurry of new arrivals, from ffiXXedJolet, Livia Arena, Lui Hon and Romance Was Born. Although there is still much to come (from these labels and more, of course) we are already having a great time playing around with our fresh range of styles, colours, prints and textures.

Today's feature has to be the silk t-shirt dress in Oregon print by Romance Was Born - simply because, any day now, there will be none of these beauties left to photograph. It needs no adding to, really, and yet you can throw just about anything with the dress and look incredibly terrific in a now we're in Peru, or Morocco (or, I guess, Oregon) fashion.

As is now customary, we have a subscriber offer up our tasselled leather sleeve... which is, as per last season, 'a simple series of discounts for Milly Sleeping's followers and friends.

If you've signed up to our mailing list, or keep tabs with Milly via Twitter or Facebookyou're entitled to a 15% discount on your first purchase when choosing from incoming garments and accessories, and 20% off all second, third and any subsequent purchases'. This offer will apply to all new full price A/W 12 items (over $50.00) for the duration of the season. All you need to do is tell us who you are when you're in store.

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Pictured: Romance Was Born silk t-dress (RRP $350 or $298 with subscriber offer), worn with...

Estelle Dévé Flint bracelet - as choker - (RRP $170 or $145) and Flint necklace (RRP $225 or $191);

ffiXXed linen tassel scarf ($87 or $74);

ffiXXed horizontal knit cardigan ($264 or $224);

Lui Hon Lavato leather sleeves (RRP $284 or $241) 

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