Thinking of Japan


Elizabeth from Primoeza has come up with a lovely idea to raise funds for the Red Cross, raffling one of her very beautiful button pocket sweaters. All proceeds will be sent to contribute to relief efforts in Japan.

Find Elizabeth's blog here (it's one of our very favourites), and enter the raffle here.



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Loved & Lost

We are pleased to finally introduce our little project (that is actually a rather large project), conceived for this year's Cultural Program/LMFF 11 ... It's name is Loved & Lost.

There are two components to the project and the first one can be viewed simply by following this link ...

... to what is an online noticeboard for lost and found single items. Have you lost an earring, or mitten (or perhaps you saw a single glove at lunch today that was missing its owner)? Loved & Lost can help. With any luck, a visit to the site will explain how but, if it's at all confusing, please do let us know as we are still testing the waters. We would love your comments and contributions.

The second component of the project is a sort of travelling exhibition. In order to stimulate a steady flow of Found Items, Loved & Lost will be establishing several 'collection sites' around town - so that if you do find a glove, you can potentially drop it off at a place nearby. As an added incentive, the drop boxes at each collection site will double as display units for new works by some of your/our favourite designers. Milly Sleeping is the primary collection site but we'll be setting up at a couple more places soon - all of the updates will be posted at the Loved & Lost site.

Many thanks to Reuben at absent design for all his hard hard fun work.



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Openings and closings

Next Monday, the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival will officially start (running from the 14th to the 20th of March) and, as in previous years, there is a great deal to take in. The full program - including the parades and all of the interesting exhibitions, workshops and events that make up the Cultural Program - is listed at the site. Many such events spill over from the main week, including the following, which will be over before the Festival has technically even begun!

No Home TONIGHT! (Monday March 07) at ACMI, from 6.30pm - a series of new short films made by local fashion labels and their various collaborators, including Alexi Freeman, Limedrop, Above and Upper Left Arm.

Circa Noturna - an alternative fashion parade, this Saturday March 12 at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

Fashion Film Festival - a series of screenings at the Rooftop Cinema, positing interpretations of 'what a fashion film is', this Thursday March 10 atop Curtin House.

Rebirth (presented by Mana Couture and The Social Studio) TOMORROW NIGHT (Tuesday March 08) - a showcase of the latest collection by The Social Studio, which features artworks by Maryann Talia Pau of Mana Couture  - at the Collingwood Underground Arts Park between 6 and 9pm; the invitations promises dancing, music and food!

Remixed jewellery workshop (presented by The Social Studio) - a 'how to' session, making jewellery from recycled materials, at The Social Studio's POP UP at Melbourne Central, this Friday March 11.

(More 'festival highlights' will be listed here in the days to come).

Speaking of imminent endings and beginnings, this is the last week of the Summer sale at Milly Sleeping, including our open stockroom sale. New Autumn/Winter collections are arriving and we want to show you what we've got!



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Lovely, variations

A glance at some of the lovely pieces in our stockroom that fall into the 'pre-Winter sale' category ...

There were to be more images (for there is much more loveliness to be seen) but the last ensemble came together so very lovelily*, it stopped the photographer in her tracks.

*This adverb published in email last week, sent by our friend A., who is an editor, and thus it must be a real word, and wow it is, I just looked it up.

More to follow ...

*  *  *

Pictured: Georgina Thomas wide leg pants (RRP $270 now $150) with Alexi Freeman 'criss cross' bat tee (RRP $144 now $50) & Alexi Freeman 'criss cross' crop blazer (RRP $391 now $150);
Hua gathered neck top - sample ($117) with Mücke 'pantpants' (RRP $290 now $145);
Kuwaii 'Stay Awake' dress (RRP $352 now $250) with ffiXXed check vest cape (RRP $396 now $250)



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Stockroom now open...

Things to do this weekend ...

Visit Milly Sleeping (Priority One, of course) to see our reopened stockroom and the continuation of our sale. The lovely pieces pictured above are just a few of the late Summer 'specials' (most plucked from our under $100 rack); there are also lots of great jackets, wool tops and bottoms, and dresses to consider for Autumn and Winter (which are basically upon us).

You might discover the very temporary Arnsdorf Concept Store - open this weekend only - at 90 Moor Street, Fitzroy. We know the clothes are wonderful but the architecture looks excellent too, and worth a trip in itself..?

And/or, visit Bus projects to see the first exhibition in the new space - Body Language (Getting Lost in Translation) - in the basement of Donkey Wheel House at 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

*  *  *

Pictured: Lui Hon Voice of Hope top (RRP $250 now $115) with Alexi Freeman gather pants (RRP $220 now $75);
Lonely Hearts ladder dress - worn two ways - (RRP $273 now $120) - also available at our 
online store;
ESS Laboratory silk trim singlet (RRP $180 now $85) with Materialbyproduct pleat skirt (RRP 350 now );
Lonely Hearts floral tuxedo skirt (RRP $252 now $90) with Lonely Hearts Tabbitha top (RRP $343 now $247) - also available at our
online store;
Romance Was Born mourning dress (RRP $308 now $120)