Tip top

Our mannequin keeps flipping it's lid over this jacket.

Which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, when presented with gorgeous navy cashmere wool - weighty but not bulky - box pleats at front and back, silky lining, generous overlapping closure (such that it's almost double breasted), pockets, a tidy little belt with stud detailing, and a stunning turned-up sequined collar ... which can be turned down if you're feeling trés demure.

This is Alexi Freeman's new length coat - a shorter version of his classic trench. I think he said it was made in response to requests from this town's bicyclists, of which there are many of you... long enough to cover the derriére but not so long it gets caught in your spokes (?).

*  *  *

Pictured: Alexi Freeman mini pleated wool trench (RRP $595)



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Sweet fix

Our latest arrival from Romance Was Born:

It's an upside down bouquet of roses, a bouquet to outdo all bouquets.

It's a treat more delectable than all of the chocolate rabbits in Melbourne put together.

It's a gorgeous skirt and, as far as we're concerned, it's a pretty gorgeous capelet, too.

It's a party, it's a laugh, it's a dream.

*  *  *

Romance Was Born rosette skirt (RRP $485) with Lui Hon merino seam-over top (RRP $350)



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So long...

A last little look around the place - a sweeping, sighing glance - before we get ready to shut shop...

... for a day.

During Easter, Milly Sleeping will be closed for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day.

The store will be open Easter Saturday April 23 (10am - 5.30pm) and Tuesday April 26 (11am - 5pm).

Drop in to see what's new, including the magnificent Arnsdorf cashmere coat, a handful of lovely new Mücke knit accessories, pieces from Estelle Dévé's wonderful Mars Borealis collection, and a range of garments by Melbourne label, Jolet, who impressed us at the Offsite Runway show at Penthouse Mouse during LMFF.

There's a lot more, too, to warrant a trip in ... but if we don't see you, have a bright and fine and safe break.

*  *  *

Pictured: Arnsdorf electric sash coat (RRP $740) with Limedrop textured croissant dress (RRP $198) and Estelle Dévé Cimmerium necklace (RRP $121);
Mücke luxurious yellow Part Two (RRP $85) with Strange & Strange V-neck layering knit (RRP $134);
Mücke semi-lux patterned Part Two (RRP $75) with Strange & Strange shortline layering knit (RRP $134);
Limedrop Emerald Lake silk blouse (RRP $299) with Jolet Remembrances skirt (RRP $290);
Livia Arena paisley crop top (RRP $130) with Arnsdorf brass man trousers (RRP $385) and Estelle Dévé Borealis necklace (RRP $264);
High Tea Two of a Kind merino wrap top (RRP $308) with Jolet Shadow skirt (RRP $295)



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Happy feet

Not that we don't like venturing to the 'outside world' but ... Janette and I do tend to be very happy when one of our clever designers introduces a new something to their range that makes it easier for us to be well dressed from top to toe, without exiting the realm of Milly.

And aren't we very pleased with ourselves now, having both acquired new pairs of Kuwaii Derby boots? Somehow, Kristy B of Kuwaii has found a way to produce gorgeous, locally made leather shoes - this season lace up flats and demi-boots - in an array of lovely colours (with decorative perforations or without). Our boots retail for $300 and the shoes are a little less, which is pretty superamazing for comfortable, robust, Melbourne-made, leather walkin' shoes.

Currently, Kristy is selling pairs from her shop/studio in Brunswick. Hopefully by the time Spring sidles around, Milly Sleeping will have a select amount of new Kuwaii styles at our store, too.



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Normally, we use this space to show you things that we like, or things that we really like, or things that we love, or things that we think very highly of, or things that are marvellous etc. All that positivity, it must get a bit old..?

With that in mind, I hereby present something we really don’t like – scarves. It’s true – we really do not like scarves. They are terrible. And they are very silly. And, sometimes they are just... No. It's not true.

We love scarves. Of course we love scarves, everybody does. We love scarves the way we love jackets and dresses and vests and tops and trousers and skirts and shirts and shorts. And we have some particularly nice scarves in store at the moment. The ones pictured here are just a selection from amid the beautiful pieces that have recently arrived, by Alexi Freeman, ffiXXed, Kyoko, Lui Hon, Primoeza and Strange & Strange. All of the above have been woven, knit or cut from pure wools, except the ffiXXed scarf, which is a large wonderful printed square of cotton.

*  *  *

Pictured: Strange & Strange merino wrap shrug (RRP $149) with Strange & Strange cowl neck layering knit (RRP $198) and Alexi Freeman Ziggy ballet skirt (RRP $220);
Primoeza square snap scarf (RRP $169) with Kuwaii Poetry shirt (RRP $230) and Arnsdorf denim shorts (RRP $198);
Kyoko stripes scarf (RRP $176) with High Tea White Russian, Black Russian top (RRP $165) and Seeing Spots skirt (RRP $298);
Alexi Freeman ziggy scarf (RRP $89) with Romance Was Born silk orchid tee dress (RRP $385);
Lui Hon spike scarf (RRP $338) with Romance Was Born silk sunflower shirt dress (RRP $365);
ffiXXed Less World scarf (RRP $165) with Kuwaii twist dress (RRP $350);
Primoeza woodgrain scarf (RRP $159) with Limedrop smoke signal dress (RRP $169);
Kyoko dotty scarf (RRP $165) with Livia Arena twist dress (RRP $161)

*Don't forget - subscribers, and Facebook/Twitter followers receive 20% when purchasing from new collections - until April 15.




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