*  *  *

Pictured: Lui Hon Gauzy Gemini top - in two colours, worn two ways - (RRP $424 or $360 after subscriber discount) and Lui Hon Drop Putty skirt, worn two ways (RRP $388 or $330 after discount).




More garments from Limedrop's fancy fruity flowery new collection, Calypso. What may not come across is that the the lovely white fabric is a soft cotton with a fantastic 'burn-out' pineapple motif, and the black fabric is quite weighty and stretchy, with wave-like ribs - it has real bounce and life to it!

Don't forget, you can receive a 15 or 20% discount off the price of all of these pieces if you know about our current S/S 11/12 subscriber offer!

*  *  *

Limedrop Pineapple crop top (RRP $140) worn over Limedrop Bustier dress (RRP $242);
Limedrop Bustier dress (RRP $242);
Limedrop crop top with Limedrop floral Spin skirt (RRP $110) and Limedrop check Weekender shirt (RRP $187);
Limedrop Pineapple sleeveless Tail shirt - last image (RRP $242)



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Around town

Sunday ... At the Grand Hyatt on Collins, the RMIT Alumni exhibit - featuring WONDERFUL pieces by Arnsdorf, Dhini, Materialbyproduct; Toni Maticevski, PAM, Sarah Schofield and S!X.


Sarah Schofield;

Toni Maticevski (L) and Arnsdorf (R);

Materialbyproduct (L); S!X (R - front), Arnsdorf (R - rear);


And, at 1000£ Bend, an Emerging Designer exhibition, curated by Connel Chiang. Livia Arena (above);

Stella Blanche;

Garments at left include pieces by Stella Blanche and Arnsdorf; knit dress at right by designer unknown (oh no, sorry!); photographs by Peter Ryle;

... jewellery by Alexandra Blak, shoes by Phong Chi Lai;

Fashion Week is now officially over but a few exhibitions spill into this week, including the RMIT Student Exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, which is highly recommended based on the calibre of the work presented in Saturday night's student runways.



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Subscriber offer!

It's been a busy week, with delightful deliveries to welcome in ... Milly Sleeping now has new pieces by Limedrop, Livia Arena and Lui Hon (to slot in along side the recently arrived garments by ffiXXed and Romance Was Born).

With our Winter sale winding down, it's time to introduce our S/S 11/12 subscriber offer, which is a simple series of discounts for Milly Sleeping's followers and friends.

If you've signed up to our mailing list, or keep tabs with Milly via Twitter or Facebook, you're entitled to a 15% discount on your first purchase when choosing from incoming garments and accessories, and 20% off all second, third and any subsequent purchases. This offer will apply to all new full price S/S 11/12 items (over $50.00) for the duration of the season. All you need to do is tell us who you are when you're in store... And if you're a subscriber who got in really quick, and recently purchased something that would now attract a discount, please be in touch so that we can send you a credit note.

Here's a quick look at what's in store, with more pictures to follow next week:

And, hey, it's Fashion Week, and we've made our windows extra pretty for the occasion, and the Look.Stop.Shop project. If you're in the City of the Melbourne this weekend, this is one of several exhibitions you might like to see, as well as the Emerging Designer Exhibition (featuring Livia Arena) at 1000£ Bend, the RMIT Alumni Showcase (featuring Arnsdorf, S!X and Materialbyproduct) at the Grand Hyatt, and an exhibition of RMIT students' work at No Vacancy.

*  *  *

Pictured: on window mannequin - Limedrop floral Spin skirt (RRP $110);
Limedrop Swing top (RRP $169) with Limedrop Spin skirt (RRP $110);
Lui Hon Estherian dress (RRP $428);
Limedrop sleeveless tail dress (RRP $242);
Livia Arena Peek-a-boo top (RRP $199) with Livia Arena The Gathering skirt (RRP $176)

Enquiries: 03 9347 1333 or milly.s.temp@gmail.com



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Tonight (Tuesday night!), the Mücke Spring/Summer 11/12 collection will be launched at a new pop-up shop, at 173 Lygon Street, East Brunswick (between 6 & 8pm). The store will be open for two weeks (Wed - Fri: 10am - 6pm; Sat - Sun: 10am - 4pm) and will showcase new Mücke shirtdresses, tops, skirts and half-skirts, along side garments by knit whiz Wendy Voon, and Phong Chi Lai handcrafts.

We made a quick visit to see a very busy Ellie Mücke last week, at the Premiere Trade Fair inside Carlton's Exhibition Buildings. Ellie was invited to set-up a small studio space there, which she allowed us to take a few sneaky snaps of. Thanks Ellie!

*  *  *

Unique Mücke garments from this collection will be available at Milly Sleeping soon.



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