Nice choice

Two colours in the new Livia Arena Townsend trench + two colours in the Fall shirt + two colours in the recently arrived Egyptian cotton Primoeza Sandgrain scarves = mix and match fun! Or decision hell... (It's okay, the trousers only come in black).

Thanks to Livia and Elizabeth for dropping these gorgeous pieces in to Milly...

We've been looking forward to receiving both deliveries... In the case of Livia's garments, you may be aware that we viewed the sample collection some months ago and a lot has happened since then. We recently chatted to Livia about this process for the Nice Work project, and are very grateful to her for being forthcoming and honest ... about the nitty-gritty.

An excerpt from the interview, in Livia's words:

"There are certain things that maybe it’s best not to show people as potential customers because perhaps it looks like you’re running a dinky-di business… but the fact of the matter is, you do work from a home studio, you do take your work home. I don’t have an amazing rented studio where I can… whitewash the walls, have hanging racks drilled in - … I sleep in amongst my work… You’ve seen the racks in my bedroom.

Yes, maybe we all… have to put on a brave face… and speak positively…

Although… I think, lately, people [stockists/buyers] are being a little bit more honest on some levels. Instead of just saying, ‘yeah I really like this’, they’ll say – ‘this performed really well and this didn’t’… and I guess, oh, I don’t know what it’s called, the buffer that you usually have - a certain buffer - goes away a little bit.

I’ve heard a lot more people talking economically [lately]…  I’ve noticed a lot of people are talking sales and sales targets, and I feel like you’re not judged as much on what buyers think of your work, it’s more whether you perform. And it feels like you’re being graded almost. And that’s what it should be, I suppose - because at the end of the day you need to have labels that sell in your store - but you feel like you’re being given a report card.

I also think that, from my perspective, I do kind of have to portray that things are under control - and things usually aren’t under control, at all – but they always get there in the end. And you know that they always get there in the end … because you do everything that you can to make sure that it happens.

The path of getting there just isn’t a steady one … you’ve often got to pull everything together and it’s not nice getting there… but then when you do get there, it all looks like it was effortless."

To read the full interview (and see the complete online exhibition), please head to the Nice Work site.

*  *  *

Pictured above: Livia Arena Townsend trench, black with leather detail at back (RRP $529 or $450 with subscribers' discount), or camel (RRP $485 or $412)

Livia Arena Fall shirt, black and dove (RRP $230 or $196);

Livia Arena leather pocket pant (RRP $329 or $280)

Primoeza Sandgrain scarves, clay and salmon (RRP $139 or $118)



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Happy Easter!

Kristy B of Kuwaii dropped in with her new Beyond the World midi skirt today ... and soon after a very Autumnul picture started coming together... Light weight knits and layery things in all kinds of falling leaf tones. Actually, today, the various stripes and prints seem also reminiscent of marbled eggs and fabulous foil wrappers...

Happy Easter dear reader.

Milly Sleeping will be closed tomorrow for Good Friday but open Easter Saturday, Sunday (and Tuesday).

*  *  *

Limedrop Nightlights twist shoulder tee (RRP $176 or $150 with subscribers' discount) with Livia Arena leather pocket pants (RRP $329 or $280);

Romance Was Born silk Vase print tee (RRP $290 for $247) with Kuwaii Beyond the World skirt (RRP $289 or $246);

Kuwaii mesh twist tee (RRP $175 or $149) with Limedrop Nightlights leggings (RRP $154 or $131);

Strange & Strange stripe merino cardigan (RRP $165) with Kuwaii skirt (RRP $289);

Limedrop Nightlights twist shoulder tee (RRP $176 or $150);

Romance Was Born sheer silk Vase blouse (RRP $390 or $332) with Livia Arena pants (RRP $329 or $280);

Strange & Strange stripe merino longline knit (RRP $150 or $128) with Kuwaii skirt (RRP $289 or $246);

Strange & Strange merino shortline knit (RRP $134 or $114)

*  *  *

None of the imagery above should be taken as evidence 'for' or 'against', relative to Milly Sleeping's stance in the matter of Leggings As Pants.



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Milly by night! Our new Kuwaii boots caught my eye last evening, spinning in our front window...

Their name is Morris, and we have them in three colours - cherry, mustard and chestnut (which is an apt description for the unpictured mid-brown). If you are familiar with the shoes of last season, these are quite similar in style but with a slightly higher heel, and new ornamental perforations across the toe. All Kuwaii shoes are beautifully made in limited quantities, in Brunswick!

*  *  *

Kuwaii Morris boots (RRP $335 or $285 with subscribers' discount) with OK OK unisex socks (now $13 a pair)



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This weekend

... It's your first chance to see the week's deliveries: new garments by Livia Arena, Limedrop, Strange & Strange, and beautiful leather lace-up boots by Kuwaii;

and it's your last chance to see the Nice Work installation in store.

It's also the last weekend to catch By This Unwinking Night at Latrobe Regional Gallery.

And it's the beginning of the end of Cosmic Artefacts, a window installation by Alexi Freeman and Tessa Blazey, at Pieces of Eight gallery in the city.



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Black magic

It's frustrating to photograph the black garments... We get excited by the detail and then *click*, and the detail is lost... Please, lean right into the screen. See the soft, fuller drape on the right side of the Livia Arena Fall shirt. See the leather pocket inserts in Livia's beautifully tapering trousers. See the gorgeous velvet spot mesh panels on the new Kuwaii dress (and just imagine the sweet little buttons at the wrists). See the magical doubling twist of the Lui Hon tube top. See the bottom panel of the ffiXXed tee, split and curving like a blazer, with pockets - and detached wrist cuffs! Finally, see the exquisite pleat detailing and double ties of the Lui Hon wrap skirt.

And now, see the magic that happens with the prices, when you apply a 15% discount:

*  *  *

Livia Arena Fall shirt (RRP $230 or $196 with subscribers' discount) with Livia Arena leather pocket pant (RRP $329 or $280);

Kuwaii Hobby Horse dress (RRP $349 or $297);

Lui Hon E. C. tube top (RRP $266 or $226);

Livia Arena silkie jumper (RRP $329 or $280) with leather pocket pant;

ffiXXed tshirt blazer end - cuffs not sold separately ($252 or $214) with LA leather pocket pant;

Lui Hon wrap skirt-smith (RRP $365 or $310) with LA fall shirt



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