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Happy New Year Milly readers...

The shop is open and in sale mode, with all stock currently available for 20% less. Drop by so we can tap away at the calculator, and watch 192 turn into 154, and 89 turn into 71, and so on.

We also have a new 'enquiries' book for 2013, covered with azaleas. When you come in, be sure to ask us many, many questions so that we have cause to whip it out.



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Last wishes

It's Christmas Eve (a Monday) and Milly Sleeping is currently open. We'll keep the door ajar until about 2 today (or 3, depending on the mood on the streets). Please feel free to call us if you'd like something wrapped up or set aside!

The shop will be closed until Wednesday January 2nd, except for Friday December 28th and Saturday December 29th, when the doors will open for the commencement of our holiday sale.

Janette and I wish you all a really happy holiday season and we thank you very sincerely for your interest in our fair ship, Millicent. We are looking forward to 2013, and making a few changes on deck.

We leave you, for now, with a most delightful gift from Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison... The images above, a suite titled, With Light Hearts, were created in response to our wish list idea. I kept them up my sleeve for a few days because I simply couldn't think of a better note to end on.

Thanks G + L, and thanks again everybody, and best wishes to you, and to every cat and dog and bird and so on. 



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More wishes


Here it is, the annual Milly Sleeping wish list, composed of ten items priced under $100. That's less than a hundred bucks, smackers, smackeroonies, and no more than ninety-nine simoleons, cabbages, Oxford Scholars, etc.:

1. Whose Lights Were Now Seen Glittering - an original zine by Gracia + Louise ($15)

2. resin rings & single earrings by Kuwaii x Seb Brown ($35 each)

3. matching socks + (non-toxic) nail polish sets by OK OK x Kester Black ($38)

4. unique tee-laces handmade by Mücke (from $39)

5. reversible cotton snug collars made in-house for Milly Sleeping ($42)

6. brass or steel Hex pearl stud earrings by Allys Ellen ($55)

7. cotton collars by Inside Outside (now from $57)

8. Pierced Relic perspex necklace by Alexi + Tessa (now $89)

9. scarves of all kinds, including printed jersey ones by Alexi Freeman (from $71-$89)

10. hand-painted Milly Sleeping gift vouchers, available for any value and valid for 6 months


*  *  *

Also pictured: Sandgrain knit scarves by Primoeza (from $105);

unisex socks by OK OK (now $13);

Kuwaii x Seb Brown Amethyst bangle (RRP $125)

silver Flint bracelet by Estelle Dévé (now $145)

silk scarves by Jenny Kee (from $155)

OK OK cotton ankle socks and tights (from $13 - $35)

Kuwaii leather Esperance sandals (RRP $280);

Limedrop enamel necklaces - fox pendant pictured (now $50)

Tettmann.Doust original print Eos silk scarves (RRP $156)

Materialbyproduct tangerine silk Kite top (now $254 from $363)

Alexi Freeman foil print tees (RRP $99)

Allys Ellen heavy-weight Hex bracelet (RRP $125)

Wooden button brooch by High Tea with Mrs Woo (now $42)

Solis gold ring set by Estelle Dévé (now $98)

Orchidee black nickel earrings by Estelle Dévé (now $123)


*"Tra" is a friend's catchy new sound for remarking upon things of excellence. Don't forget, everything is made proudly in Australia. Tra!



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A wish list

Hoping to publish here a fine, festive diversion, we sent a quick note to our lovely 'associates' asking them what they would like to find (or give) under their tree this Christmas. We anticipated a range of ideas and that's what we got! Many thanks to the following people for finding a way to respond, even if Christmas isn't something that they usually celebrate... In their words:

Elizabeth from Primoeza:

christmas has come early in my household as i just collected the keys to my new studio and home. the windows overlook a small school and a bright green tree. it may be the perfect view for dreaming up new knitwear and drinking countless cups of tea.

wishing you all a very happy holiday!

Jenny Kee:

Waratah seedlings to plant in my beautiful native garden ...... Peace & Goodwill for Planet Earth........hand-made present from my darling grand-daughter.

Clea from Limedrop:

I'd love to find these cute little candy cane chocolates under the tree this year xxx

From http://resepebunda.blogspot.com.au

Fi from ffiXXed:

I would like to receive a computerised knitting machine with its own operator, and to give a japanese high tech toilet. And Kain would like to receive an espresso machine and give a pile of spices & baking ingredients so Fiona can make food for him to eat! 

Kristy from Kuwaii:

"A bubble like a dew drop in the heart of nature.
A dream bubble…"

Laura and I both want one!

From http://www.casabubble.com/

Naomi and Elke from Tettmann.Doust:

We are both doing Kris Kringles for our work Christmas party (at Gwendolynne), which must be strictly hand made. We think this is a nice idea.

Anna from Romance Was Born:


Ro from High Tea with Mrs Woo:

We usually spend the Christmas public holidays to clean / re-paint / re-oil floorboards of our shop, and this year I'll be doing home renovations. So perhaps the thing I would love under my uber-tree (or more likely a Christmas-beetle swarmed Christmas bush) would be a team of small bushland folk, like human-like creatures like miniature bear-likes, piglets or moles, to help me with the painting and cleaning :)

Martha from Inside Outside:

This year I will be gifting my loved ones with hand embroidered handkerchiefs. Nothing says I love you like personalised gifts!

Anna Varendorff:

I would love to find a few chooks and a coop in my yard for Christmas (true story).

The image I have attached I found on Flickr by Portia and Paul. I don't know who they are, but the photo is of Ceres chickens so I like their style...

Livia Arena:

all I want for christmas is some of the little guys in the attached picture…. And more hours in the day and more months in the year for the things and people I want to spend time with, instead of just the things that need to get done

Allys Ellen:

Give allys ellen jewels to everyone!!! ;) 

There's nothing I want for Christmas. I told family n friends no presents ... so I can't think of anything I really want apart from jetting all my family over from the uk for Christmas Day Ozzie style!

Alexi Freeman:

I'm not a believer in Christianity, and despite the fact that I run a business that offers products for sale, I'm also against consumerism for consumerism's sake. That said, I do believe this is a great time of year for kindness and generosity, which is surely the true spirit of Christmas, and I would be happy to know that someone had given to a worthy charity instead of buying me something for which I really have no use. 

For example, I would be happy if someone were to buy me a goat that is then given to an underprivileged family in Africa:


A bit closer to home, I also think Wikipedia are doing an amazing job at providing accurate and non-biased information, and I think they are a very worthy source of donation. I know I use it daily (indeed 450 million of us do - per month!!) so why not support them for their ongoing commitment to the freedom of information.


I also love giving (and receiving!) gifts to my nearest and dearest at totally random times of the year for no particular reason whatsoever other then to express my love and appreciation for them. And certainly not because society dictates that I should do this to be a good person, but simply because I can.

Gracia + Louise:

To both receive and give, we’d rather fancy the gift of a little quiet time to be spent as desired. Time to open a book and read it in one sitting, the process broken only by the need to cut another slice of chocolate ripple cake to ensure the belly remains full. Time to potter in the garden, gloves off, soil under fingernail. Time to lie in a hammock or stretched out on the grass. Time to snooze like your pets do year round. And time to be submerged in water, be it at pool or in the ocean, or feet dipped in a creek or body in a bath drawn and brimming with potions. Days and nights, a succession of them, to be spent as one chooses. In bright and noisy company. In the darkened cinema hush. In quiet seclusion. On a long walk. With purpose or ambling. Dreaming of the future.

Happy Christmas! May it bring something wonderful. 

And here’s to the adventures ahead in 2013.


Well said everybody.

As for Janette, she would like to find our gorgeous Jenny Kee Tara scarf under the tree this Christmas, not to mention having her new kitchen finished well in time for our family gathering on Christmas Eve...

And, as for me (Leah), I'd like lots of things because I'm very greedy... but I'd really like a big box full of time so that I can visit Heide this week, and make the presents I'm planning (including a paper mobile for my tiny niece).

*  *  *

Pictured above is one of six beautiful new collages made by Gracia & Louise just for this little ol' blog. Chuffed, we'll be posting the full set very shortly.



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Comings and goings

It's taken a little while but we've finally finished arranging our Jenny Kee blooms into the bottomless vase that is our online store, including the radiant Waratah that arrived just in time.

More quickly than we can add things to it, pieces have also been departing the store, and we have just one of some items left, including these two great necklaces by Alexi + Tessa, and Allys Ellen.

If you're shopping for Christmas gifts, we are more than happy to post items wrapped and ready to go (for no extra cost). At this stage, unfortunately, no packages shipped overseas are likely to arrive in time for December 25 (except maybe, maybe NZ) but Australian buyers can shop comfortably until Wednesday we think! All items within Australia will be sent Express Post and we'll do our absolute best to process your selections as quickly as possible.

If your favourite items are not currently on display in the 'vase', remember that anything you see at this blog is available for purchase online (or over the phone) - simply call 03 9347 1333 or email us.



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