What a COOL day, in both senses...

With the temperature way down and visitors not in a sweat at the mere thought of a sleeve, my mind began unexpectedly turning to various beautiful items in our stockroom ... items that have been tucked away all Summer lo-ong, which are now suddenly perfect again. For instance, the much admired 'Townsend Trench' by Livia Arena, which is my Pick of the Day (which means that I tried it on 27 times and wanted very much to buy it).

While dutifully uploading it, instead, into our online store (page 3), who should walk in but Livia herself, with her arms full of stunning 'Side Zip' jumpers for Milly. Yay. Not only that but she also let slip today's breaking news that she is one of this year's finalists in the esteemed L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Designer Award, along with former finalists Lui Hon and Michael Le Sordo, and From Britten and Kathryn Baker. COOL.

See Livia looking completely beautiful in her own Side-Zip jumper in this album ... and see it in store soon.



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Inevitable Necessities

New ffiXXed (from the Inevitable Necessities collection) is now not only *here* in sunny Carlton but over *there* too, in our online store...

Lots of lovely stripes and blues and greys and panels and toggles and soft tassels, for cooler climes and times either just around the corner, across the seas, or in a couple of weeks time (it's inevitable).



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Bits of note (clockwise from top left):

Romance Was Born have made a gorgeous cover for Harper's Bazaar... and so have 14 other esteemed designers, for the magazine's 15th birthday. The garments pictured are by Romance Was Born, of course, and the headpiece by Nina Oikawa. Sigh, I remember buying the first issue of Aus. Bazaar, which I'm sure I loved to pieces;

one of our favourite agents for various exciting local (and international) labels has opened a pop-up shop in South Melbourne. Visit Keepers Edit on Coventry Street soon, for unexpected gems by Tettmann.Doust (among many others), and artwork by our friend and former designer, Tam Hua;

the hanger chronicles continue at Milly this week... We're having lots of fun with our Gian Manik holders and hanger sets, and have just made them available to our Melbourne readers via the online store;

finally, Milly has received its first delivery for A/W 13 from Livia Arena - the navy Negative Space Top (RRP $260) - which is crisp, shiny and perfect. As always, with the arrival of 'new season' full-price stock, we're beginning our program of subscriber discounts ... Drop by or stay tuned for details.



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Hangers and holders

Well, the countdown is on.

If you had a glance at the LookStopSwap program last week, you'll know that our project for the Sustainable Living Festival is to reduce our excessive accumulation of clothes hangers! I'm sure you can appreciate how it happens... A good proportion of our locally-made garments arrive at the store on hangers, and we simply exchange these more 'disposable' ones for our own black wooden ones, for display in the shop front. 

Of course, these spare hangers aren't really disposable (for the most part) and, after seven and a bit years, they have really started to pile up. We can only guess at the amount of unused hangers we have in our stockroom but we think it's about two thousand one hundred and fifty hangers, of varying kinds - many wire, mostly plastic, a few good green hangers, and numerous oddities.

We have been meaning to do something with them for a while now and we are glad to have the impetus of the SLV, and LookStopSwap, in order to make a good start. We have several ideas for ways to pass the hangers on, including being in touch with local op shops, drycleaners and clothing manufacturers, and we'll be publicising our process at this here blog.

We would love others to be involved in our plight ... If you have any thoughts about passing on, recycling or 'upcycling' unwanted hangers, please be in touch so that we can share your ideas. And if your hanger problem happens to be that you don't have enough... Milly is really your gal. We have bundles ready to be given away for free AND we have a limited edition of painted hangers, and brilliantly converted pot plant holders, made over by local artist, Gian Manikwith assistance from lovely Three Thousand Assistant Ed., Sarah Booth. These are available now in store, in exchange for your pennies - $5 for 3 hangers or $6 for a pot holder - which will be donated to excellent Australian charity organisations, Clothes Line Incorporated and/or The Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project ... both of which set a pretty fine example of putting unwanted items to very good use.

Do drop in to pick up some of Gian's handiwork soon ...

... not to mention seeing the new ffiXXed garments that arrived today (what a Valentine)...



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Pieces coming together


After a little pause in operations, Milly Sleeping is open again and looking a little bit greener... We have a new green wall, and some new green potted friends ... and we're about to be part of the very green Sustainable Living Festival. You can read about our project (and lots of other excellent ideas) in Three Thousand's Look.Stop.Swap program, here.

We're still working away at all the many little details of our changeover and, while the summer sun keeps getting up and doing its thing, we're still selling great sale items ... We're also awaiting a couple of exciting deliveries - news of which we shall post here anon.



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