Dear reader... A quick note to mention that we are running a little competition via email tomorrow morning, which you may like to try your hand at! If you are not already a mailing list subscriber, register your details in the 'Correspondence' section now (see the sidebar at right), to receive occasional and irregular sweet tidings from us. Speedy typists will have the best shot at picking up tomorrow's prizes - 10 x $30 gift vouchers to spend during the last leg of our Winter sale. More details to follow...


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Pictured: lucky last ffiXXed Less World silk tee (was $312, now $100) - SOLD



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More snippets

Clockwise from top left in the second round of 'snippets' this week (the bluey greeny purpley edition):

treasurable little bracelets by POMS, conceived by Amanda and Sally of As | Is, to raise awareness and funds for Eating Disorders Victoria. Purple or green, the bracelets are just $25 each - give us a cheer to have one set aside (or posted);

our window, as it looks at the beginning of the Nice Work exhibition, which will evolve daily throughout August;

a wonderful image of the Romance Was Born Magicland jumpsuit in Fern Forest print, pictured in Marie Claire magazine... which has created such a fuss, that RWB have decided to put it into production for S/S. Put your hand up if you want one, too;

the lovely Kuwaii Jubilee dress - a Milly favourite - which is among the latest round of new pieces to be made available in our online store.



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Announcements today (clockwise from top left):

Free postage within Australia is back in the online store;

the stunning gown designed and made by Ellie Mücke for the Nespresso Challenge - is now finished, and on display at Nespresso stores around town (photo courtesy: Mücke);

Nice Work - Milly Sleeping's project for the Craft Cubed festival - starts today! We are excited and proud to have signed up, or lined up, 31 designers to participate in our photographic project. You can follow the exhibition as it unfolds using Instagram or at;

Sale continues - We may have begun to receive early Spring/Summer deliveries (which will soon become an influx) but our A/W sale still has legs. There are lots of beautiful, greatly-reduced garments to find in store, including the Arnsdorf silk imprint blouse (was $376, now $120)...



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Holy crap


For about half an hour today, the sun was in a good spot for photographing these garments in their best light. 

Our newest arrivals come from the studios of Raggatt and Romance Was Born... Perhaps we wouldn't ordinarily have thought to pair the two labels but it really worked today, with a dash of Primoeza thrown on for good measure.

For those who don't know, Raggatt is Milly Sleeping's newest label and the solo endeavour of Melbourne-based designer and RMIT grad., Naomi Raggatt. There's a lot to like about Naomi's concepts - you can see that the witty quirks of her pieces arise from a serious examination ... of the fundamental elements of a garment, and the ways these can be exaggerated or reinterpreted. One tiny thing that might also make you very well disposed towards Raggatt is the tag line that sits beneath the label name - WOMEN SWEAR. I like it, anyway.

Read a little more about Naomi here, in a very brief interview conducted by MSFW earlier this year.

*  *  *

Pictured: Romance Was Born silk georgette blouse - shirt dress - (RRP $490);

Romance Was Born silk pleat dress (RRP $450);

Romance Was Born silk tee (RRP $250);

Romance Was Born Ceremony silk tee dress (RRP $450);

Romance Was Born silk tuck pocket dress (RRP $590);

Raggatt pleat skirt (RRP $286);

Raggatt Shirt Vest (RRP $290);

Raggat Sleeve Into Lapel coats - red wool or navy cotton drill (RRP $435);

Primoeza alpaca & Egyptian cotton Colour Block scarves (RRP $147)

Finally, three cheers to the Kuwaii Cosmic trouser (now $150) for looking just great with everything.



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Last week seemed like a particularly exciting one... with much happening around town (and across the seas).

Being not too far away from the newish RMIT Design Hub, Milly Sleeping received several visits from starry-eyed folk post the Walter Van Beirendonck exhibition, which really appears to have blown Melbourne high into the sky.

Look.Stop.Shop is on again, bringing to bear lots of great little events, exhibitions and workshops in the city and surrounds, including a pasta-making tutorial at our neighbours, D.O.C. Deli, in Carltonia tonight!

In store, we received a very welcome delivery of stunning pieces by Romance Was Born - a selection of silk tees, several dresses (top left) and a wonderfully whimsical organza kimono - all featuring prints created by RWB in collaboration with the much-admired Ebony Bizys, A.K.A Hello Sandwich.

We found out that Fiona Lau and Kain Picken of ffiXXed were awarded first prize in the Asian Final of the International Woolmark Prize, for the gorgeous dress pictured above (top right - on the tall person)! It seems that Fiona and Kain will now go on to Milan to contest the overall prize. There, they will up be against Christopher Esber, among others, who won the contest for the Australian Region (against a large and great group of finalists - Lui Hon, Alistair Trung, Stephanie Downey of Dress Up, Haryono Setiadi, Michael Lo Sordo, Strateas.Carlucci and Kahlo).

And, amid all the buzz, we were buzzy and busy with the business of Milly, including tidbits of preparation for Spring Summer 13/14. Two excellent forthcoming collections are now available for viewing, for those interested in placing special 'pre-orders' ahead of the garments arriving in store... If this might be you, and you would like to see what's coming from Livia Arena (bottom left) and/or Kuwaii (bottom right) - please write to to receive lookbooks, and details about our incentives for personal orders.

*  *  *

Pictured: image at top left courtesy Romance Was Born;

image at top right by APES Production from the Woolmark site.

image at bottom right courtesy Kuwaii;

image at bottom left courtesy Livia Arena



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