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It seems like years since we had such an overwhelming influx of beautiful stock in a very short space of time. We are not really keeping up with the old click-click, sorry... This is but a tiny selection of WOT'S NEW - recent arrivals from High Tea with Mrs Woo, OK OK, Romance Was Born, Tettmann.Doust, Kuwaii and ffiXXed. We've also had deliveries from Livia Arena and Timi Alaere... and there is more to come just around the corner, from around the corner, if you know what I mean.

Lay-by purchases are very welcome! Please ask about our terms.

*  *  *

Pictured: High Tea Mary Mack tops in blue and peachy pink (RRP $228);

High Tea Now Playing skirt (RRP $238);

assorted OK OK socks and tights from $13;

Romance Was Born cotton Cheshire tee (RRP $180);

Romance Was Born quilted Crescent crop top (RRP $350);

Tettmann.Doust cotton Spectre dress (RRP $300);

Kuwaii 3D dress (RRP $159);

ffiXXed Relax Tshirt ($159)



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One (somewhat) enchanted evening


Such a busy few days it has been, processing new arrivals... It is the time of year when the racks seem most like a garden (reminiscent of all those in the neighbourhood, with flourishing magnolias and camellias and I can't think what else). At first the arrangement looks a little sparse... and then, before we know it, fine pretty things are blooming and blossoming - a colourful bounty. This week, bags and boxes have arrived one after the other from OK OK, Romance Was Born, ffiXXed and - a new label to Milly - Timi Alaere (who was a contributor to our Nice Work project). All of these incoming pieces will be photographed for the site soon but, if you are keen for little previews, it must be admitted that one of us is a complete Instagramaholic (and we try to keep up with Facebook, too).

But... one of us is getting off track, again. It's already a week or more since I had the pleasure of attending one of the Designer Runways at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. As a guest of Mr Alexi Freeman's, I was lucky enough to have a great seat for the show, next to the lovely Katie Somerville (Fashion and Textiles Curator for the NGV) who, prior to the main event, entertained me with facts about the incredible scope of the gallery's upcoming project, Melboourne Now (which has its own blog), as well as hinting at a few exciting future projects...

The Melbourne Town Hall is always a great setting, and the show began on a fairly unexpected and impressive note - a live vocalist and violinist duo, who continued to perform as the models took the runway. It was an interesting grouping of quite established labels including Akira, Nevenka and, of course, Alexi Freeman. Looking back via pictures now, I feel more of an appreciation for some of the beautiful work shown; admittedly, at the time, a lot of the garments (particularly the menswear) seemed very accessible to me and it is generally my preference to be blown high into the sky (to the clouds, to the stars) by the creative extravagance of a show. The upshot of the event feeling at times a bit 'flat' was that the first neon babe to snake down the runway wearing AF 'Python' lycra really did seem to send a ripple of pleasure through the audience. As Milly's representative, I was happy to see several garments from the AF collection that are currently available in store looking light and bright and strong... with a little bit of ATTITUDE, and a little bit of whimsy and romance, too.

*  *  *

Above: some general snaps of the runway (and crowd), and a quick look at some of Alexi's pieces at Milly Sleeping, styled with our new Timi Alaere print garments.

PS. Did you see? Broadsheet photographed MSFW participants and Milly labels, Alexi Freeman, Kuwaii and Livia Arena inside their CBD stockists - links to all articles at page bottom.



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Pop of the tops


Earlier today, I was writing a bitsy little post about the punctual start Spring has made this year, when I was interrupted by a very timely package containing a new bundle of Sosume tops. These tees and layering pieces are all made (in Australia, of course) from fine silk/modal - don't fret, they don't have to be drycleaned! The colours are great and each piece feels like your favourite old Tshirt, which has been washed 5,172 times, and is now soft and smooth and floppy and lovely. 

The Sosume styles are ready to go on our Springtime racks, along with the new Livia Arena Broken shirt, which has been my genuine saviour this week in the startling warm weather (I can't believe I was walking around town in the evening bare-armed... but there it is, I was). We also have new silk/cotton camisoles (in red, blue and grey - with black soon to come), made in house, and available in the online store, along with the Estelle Dévé jewellery I mentioned last week.

*  *  *

Pictured: Sosume asy top (RRP $119);

Sosume front dip tee (RRP $95);

Sosume little boy tee (RRP $99);

Sosume cowl tank (RRP $104);

Livia Arena Broken shirt (RRP $180);

Mllly Sleeping Camisole I ($78)...

.. all worn with Romance Was Born Staffordshire legs (now $200)



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Last glance...

A final quick glance at our 'lucky lasts'... We nearly forgot to remind you - the sale ends this Saturday, August 31. Come in and choose something for Dad. :)

*  *  *

Pictured: Romance Was Born Space Float dress (was $390 now $290);

Livia Arena bustier top (was $121 now $60)

Jolet Reflections shirt jacket (was $290 now $140);

Limedrop Swing top (was $169 now $75);

Romance Was Born Hero dress (was $350 now $220);

Limedrop sheer 3/4 skirt (was $180 now $85);

ffiXXed blazer ends top (was $252 now $120);

Kuwaii dress (was $297 now $110)



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Snippets cont...

Happy day. For whatever reason, images are now loading properly at the site again. These are the pictures that correspond to last week's hurried post ... two new pieces by Romance Was Born, a couple of the new Jenny Kee scarves (including Goddess), a quick look at some of the Estelle Dévé jewels (which will shortly be available on sale in the online store), and an indication of what we'll be taking along to Craft Hatch - this Saturday between 11 and 4 at 1000 £ Bend - including lovely snug collars made by Janette in-house and Ellie Mücke's experimental jumper scarf parts. Of course, there will also be a few surprises...

Oh, and new cards by Gracia + Louise, who have a current exhibition at Geelong Gallery - five hundred collages and drawings mingling with photographs by Stephen Wickham*. Gracia and Louise were last Sunday's contributors to Nice Work and, to our delight, Gracia wrote a little piece about it at High Up In The Trees.

One final note, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week begins this Saturday and there is much in the program. Many of Milly's labels are taking part in the Designer Runway shows, including Tettmann.Doust and Livia Arena in Runway Two on Wednesday, Alexi Freeman in Runway Three on Thursday, and Kuwaii and Limedrop in Runway Four on Friday! There's no doubt that the shows are fast-paced and often leave one wanting more but it is always fascinating to see the mood created and the styling, and, of course, it is all about the movement of the garments (and willing the models to stay upright).

*  *  *

*Jane Austen fans will understand why I can't hear Stephen's name without hearing "Wickham" in my head, as it's uttered in the BBC Pride and Prej production: at first, with sing-song delight: "Mis-ter Wick-ham"... but later, a scathing pronunciation, more akin to "wicked".

*  *  *

Pictured: Jenny Kee silk crepe de chine Goddess scarf ($155);

Romance Was Born Spring Anorak (RRP $590)

Romance Was Born Resort dress (RRP $450)

Jenny Kee Uni Oz bias scarf ($175) worn with Romance Was Born organza kimono

Milly Sleeping snug collar (RRP $42)

Estelle Dévé Solis gold ring set (now $81)

Estelle Dévé silver Flint necklace (now $125) worn with Livia Arena Not a Drape Tee (now $120)

Mücke Part One (RRP $85)

assorted cards by Gracia + Louise (from $5)



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