Interview with Anny (Mavro)

Around the time that we met Anny of Mavro jewellery, she happened to be moving into Milly's hood. A couple of months later, I asked her how she is finding the change, which prompted a spontaneous mini interview. Thanks Anny!

Milly Sleeping: How are you enjoying the move to Carlton?

Anny Apostolidis: Carlton has always been my favourite suburb! It's close enough to everything but with the wide streets and trees and parks, sometimes you don't feel like you live in a busy city.

MS: Are there local places that you've discovered?

I love D.O.C on Drummond St, I dream about their pizza! Baker D. Chirico across the road from them is pretty amazing as well. There's great coffee at Campos on Elgin St and also at Tre Bicchieri on Rathdowne St.

MS: What is it like working from the Nicholas Building?

AA: It's such inspiring building to work in! There's so much history, not to mention I have an amazing view of the cathedral which I never get tired of. I have a lot of other jeweller and artist friends who have studios in the Nicholas as well.

At the moment I share a space with some painters, a printmaker, some illustrators, a costume designer and a performance artist!

It's like a little creative community. It's great.

MS: Do you think that jewellery has trends in the same way that clothing seems to?

AA: There are definitely jewellery trends that come and go, which are usually dictated by a clothing trend. However they don't always last long. 

Do you look forward to Christmas?

AA: The lead up to Christmas is one of my busiest times in the year so I'm pretty much flat out until Christmas Day. But that's why it's one of my favourite days of the year. I love being with my family and just being able to relax, have a drink and eat delicious food - my dad always cooks a lamb on the spit. I always feel very grateful on Christmas Day.

MS: Have you always worn jewellery?

AA: As long as I can remember! In high school used to have to hide new pieces I'd bought so my mum wouldn't see them because it was all I spent my money on!

*  *  *

Pictured: the gorgeous colourful shots are pinched from Mavro at Instagram;

Mavro Forget Me Knot ring, Tangle studs and Hoop earrings are all now available from the online store, in sterling silver and oxidised silver.



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December discounts!

This week, we devised a Special Offer. It came about for various reasons ... including the passing of our EIGHTH year, the anniversary of which slipped by a week ago without us remembering! (Dear Milly, we can't believe we forgot your birthday).

Now in store, there are three racks boasting wonderful, versatile Spring/Summer separates and layering pieces, including a delivery of new Raggatt pieces. Choose two, and you'll receive the second (lower priced) item for 30% less. Fall in love with a couple of items that go together, and you can snap up a bit of a bargain. This offer excludes most accessories, except shoes - full-priced shoes are in! Come in and take some time in our change-room, try on a few different combinations, and set yourself up for the long Summer that's still to come. 

*  *  *

Pictured: ffiXXed Observational Sensitivity top ($218);

High Tea Sleepwalker pants (RRP $248)

Sosume Front Dip T (RRP $95);

Livia Arena white Dissolving laser cut trousers (RRP $490);

Sosume white cowl tank (RRP $104) with Sleepwalker trousers;

Kuwaii white Cicada flats, available online - exclusive to Milly (RRP $310);

ffiXXed Bab Doukkala scarf ($135) worn with Front Dip T;

Kuwaii Stereogram Op Art print top (RRP $255) worn with Dissolving trousers;

Tettmann.Doust cotton Spectre top in Electric Nova print (RRP $220);

Raggatt green Fold cullottes worn with Spectre top and Front Dip T;

Raggatt Loop Collar shirt (RRP $260) worn with Fold cullottes;

Kuwaii black Stereogram dress (RRP $299);

Livia Arena Layered Two Tone jacket (RRP $390) worn with Stereogram dress;

Kuwaii white Darby shoes, available online (RRP $325);

Raggatt Loop vest (RRP $325) worn with Fold cullottes and shell top;

Kuwaii Perceptions shell top (RRP $98) worn with Sleepwalker pants;

Kuwaii white and gold Esperance sandals, available online - exclusive to Milly (RRP $310)

*  *  *

PS. Online shoppers who can't make it to the store are more than welcome to take up this December Special Offer, which relates to full price S/S garments and selected accessories - please contact



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Slips on

An eagerly anticipated delivery, which happened late last week, brought Milly a small number of midi-length Kuwaii camisole dresses in black and silver. Suddenly our mannequins are much happier, as they have something to wear under everything to all of the season's parties (or with nothing, on a balmy Summer's eve).

*  *  *


Kuwaii camisole slip dress in Japanese rayon, endorsed by Ra the cat in row 4 (RRP $130);

Livia Arena Dissolving laser cut Ts in white and pale blue (RRP $350);

Tettmann.Doust Double Nova silk crop - Mustard Nova print (RRP $220);

Tettmann.Doust Double Nova cotton crop - Pink Green Nova print (RRP $160);

Tettmann.Doust sumptuous silk Chromatic scarves, four prints now available in store and online (RRP $280)

Also - Mücke T necklace in acid yellow (RRP $35)



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Modern Love

A quick (dark, phone produced) glance at the Modern Love exhibition at Bendigo Art Gallery, which Janette and I had the pleasure of visiting on Monday. It was, perhaps, a bit odd of me to group this exhibition with those comprising the work of contemporary local artisans as I did in the previous post... although I am happy to say that this show of international 'visionaries' does contain one ensemble by an Aussie - a really fantastic dress by Toni Maticevski, with very witty bouquet.

Other highlights include... just about everything. The exhibition is not gigantic but almost every piece held my attention or captured my heart. The lowlight was when Janette confessed to not being sure about John Galliano for Dior's magnificent puffy oriental blouse! It's a show of mastery by fashion superstars, there's no doubt about it; definitely worth a train trip if you're at all a fan of Westwood, Yamamoto, Miyake, Kawakubo, Lagerfeld, McQueen et al... 

*  *  *

Pictured: 'Anglomania' suit, 'Rocking Horse' shoes and hem of 'Mini Crini' ensemble by Vivienne Westwood;

Evening gown and denim jacket by Alexander McQueen;

Lurex evening jumpsuit by Norma Kamali;

quote from Yohji Yamamoto;

a dress by Rei Kawakubo, which is too dark to see in this photo but rather sublime in person;

'Haute Drape' dress by Toni Maticevski;

blouse by John Galliano for Christian Dior



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Melbourne Now

Perhaps you can feel it... There is a little buzz in the Melbourne air, is there not? Possibly because it has finally been a little bit sunny; possibly because there are a lot of really exciting things happening about town.

One very big thing, which opens tomorrow, is the Melbourne Now exhibition curated by the NGV. This is a project of incredible scope and size and, without knowing what it's really going to be like, I am very excited. Partly because the very long list of youngish and oldish (emerging and established) contributing artists includes Milly designers of the past and present; partly because it includes ridiculously talented and renowned practitioners from non-fashion fields, and partly because it includes numerous names that I sort of know, or have heard of before, or possibly seen *around*. Simply reading these names, I experience a rush of associations and memories, and a strong sense of the startling industriousness of this city.

Particularly because, though the MN list is long, it is certainly limited. There are so many clever people in this town! And, of course, there are numerous exhibitions on right now that are not, strictly speaking, part of Melbourne Now...

To start with, there is Milly Sleeping's own little but beautiful installation of Anna Varendorff works (above)!

Anna's sculptural exhibition, Line Horizon, has also opened at c3 Gallery, in tandem with quite a few multi-disciplinary shows;

Stitching Time at Craft is high on my personal to-do list, featuring the work of a talented bunch including dear Penelope Durston;

Janette and I are booked in for a voyage to Bendigo, to see Modern Love;

and... somebody very nice just came in clutching an impressive catalogue from Bridget McDonnell gallery on Rathdowne Street, where she had seen the first ever solo painting show of 96-year-old East Melbourne artist, Joyce Meier!

(I'm sure I was going to mention other things but that's possibly more than enough for one day).

*  *  *

Pictured: Necklaces and earrings by Anna Varendorff (priced from $130 to $310). More images and a price list can be obtained by emailing Please note that the pink and orange 'scribble' necklaces are both now sold.



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