Dear Winter

We are onto you...

Our staples have arrived, and not a moment too soon.

Angora/lambswool fingerless gloves by Penelope Durston, in three lengths, in a new array of colours (If you're wondering, what colours?, Pen says there are more than 30 - not in every length, and Milly doesn't have them all, but we currently have plenty). The shorties are now $45, the middies are $55, and the longuns are $60. Melbourne's cold months would simply not be the same without them.

And new OK OK legwear - flat wool tights (RRP $35), fine cotton rib tights (RRP $30), new nylon tights (RRP $23), and cotton knee-highs (RRP $17). This season, Emina has limited her colour range to black, charcoal, navy, khaki, burnt orange and mustard, but the different fabrications take the dye in different ways creating a very pleasing amount of tonal variability.

Dear Winter, who says that you are only grey?



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Show time

Very unfortunately, Milly did not make it to Sydney last week, for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. As such, it's a bit hard to report upon events with much credibility but here are a few things that online reflection reveals: 

Fact One: We have missed parades by, among many, Arnsdorf, Romance Was Born and Limedrop - but have reason to believe that all went very well.

Fact Two: The Daily Telegraph unexpectedly gets my ribbon for Second Best coverage of the Romance Was Born show and their new (gorgeous, multi-part) collection, The Oracle - please see the Telegraph's brief report with very cute title, and a reasonable quality video. Everyone looks so casual in the front rows at the library! Susie Bubble receives my first prize for reportage, for the proximity of her photographs, and for the list of influences informing the collection (and for the fact that she posts so frequently, and writes so much - I don't know how she does it).

Fact Three: Everybody loves the mint strips that run through the beautiful new Arnsdorf collection, The Circle. In general, everybody (including SB) admires the way Jade Sarita Arnott handles colour. It is, in a way, a shame to get stuck on that aspect of the Arnsdorf collections when there is so much else to admire BUT the tones are remarkable - both bright and muted, risky and often grouped in unorthodox clusters. They are quite different from season to season but always seem very Arnsdorf - both contemporary, and 'retro', (and easy to wear).

Fact Four: Limedrop's showing of their new collection, Calypso, constituted their first solo show at RAFW, and there was a cat on the runway! The pieces continue Limedrop's explorations in volume - with new adaptions of styles such as the tail shirt and singlets, and the croissant dress - and this season's 'separate' cape styles incorporated into next season's garments, resulting in clever cape-backed dresses and tops. There was plenty of variation in fabrics, new prints and textures, pretty (even sparkly) sheers mixed in with bright blocks of blue and black, an adorable big check and a subtle but sensational pineapple burn-out fabric. Congratulations Clea and Nathan - great reviews all round!

Fact Five: We have had the privilege of seeing all of these collections in Melbourne, during our recent buying rounds, and pieces from each will find their way to Milly Sleeping during August? September? Soon enough...

In the meantime, we are stuck on our Autumn/Winter collections. New pieces are still arriving including Romance Was Born's wonderful sequined Opera Mask fringe dress, which is a show in itself.

P. S. Fact Six: There were obviously many other events and excellent collections shown during the week in Sydney, and there are an inordinate number of blog writers who do a great job of seeing a lot, all at once. Should you care to do more reading and looking, here is a little (certainly not comprehensive) list of places you might go:

Face Hunter
Fashion Hayley
Lady Melbourne
Oh Jamie
Portable TV
Sea of Ghosts
Style Bubble
Style Me Romy
Style Melbourne
The Vine

*  *  *

Pictured: RWB fringe dress (RRP $450)



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Dangerous goods

One of us was so excited about the contents of a new package from Gracia & Louise, she did a better job of slicing into her finger than cutting open the box.

Beware! These cards and postcards (let's call them artworks) are dangerously beautiful and collectable. There are four postcard designs, and about sixteen cards, including eight new works.

Also, finally some pics of our Michigirl notebooks and postcard sets (26 postcards in a perforated book) - very, very sweet and very affordable, too.

*  *  *

New printed collages by Gracia & Louise - cards ($5.50) and postcards ($4.40);
Michigirl notebooks postcard sets with original illustrations by Kat Macleod (both RRP $20)



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This weekend ...

To be honest, we've not yet seen/visited any of these things but they all seem very worthwhile, and if you head to any one of them this weekend, we might just bump into you there.

1. Vikki Kassioras has a new exhibition on at e. g. etal. This one's a sure thing because Ms Kassioras is one of our favourite Melbourne jewellers (and you can hardly go wrong with a trip to this brilliant space, anyway).

2. HUT 13 is a newish store over the other side of town, which was profiled at The Design Files earlier in the week (apologies for not mentioning it in time for the lovely giveaway - we missed it, too). We've heard many good things about the place from a friend... Jill is a Milly Sleeping devotee; if you happen to run into her behind the counter at Hut, you're in luck, because not only is she a gorgeous person, she really knows what's what when it comes to beautiful things.

3. Back closer to home, there are a couple of new shows on at RMIT's First Site Gallery, off Swanston. We know nothing about this one, except what Ramona has curiously alluded to at Michi today...




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Free postage 'til Mothers' Day

Lovely somethings for lovely mums:

Woven scarves by Kyoko - in assorted colours, weights and textures...

Clusters of rose gold; earrings by Estelle Dévé...

Sweet new prints; unisex Venetian tee from La Maison de Limedrop ...

 A versatile loop/scarf/shrug/shawl by Strange & Strange (also available in burnt orange)...

An unorthodox string of pearls by Materialbyproduct (also available in black)...

Striking pendants; crystal and gold by Estelle Dévé ... 

An exquisitely soft feathery vest by Arnsdorf...

A wear-everywhere dress by High Tea With Mrs Woo (also available as a top) ...

Great combinations - a gorgeous wool wrap with snap closure at back by Primoeza, and the new season Limedrop tail shirt, which has never been quite so delightful...

Rings from Mars Borealis by Estelle Dévé...

Kyoko's popular 'two-way' Shadow scarf... 

And a spectacular finish - our favourite necklace by ED.

*  *  *


If you're out of town or pressed for time, we are more than happy to send a package to you, or directly to your mum, or anywhere you like. We use express services that reach metropolitan centres in Australia overnight and, this week, there will no postage charge added to your purchase. We can send you just about anything you see at this site... You can make a credit card payment via phone, a direct debit transfer using internet banking, or we can easily pop any item into our online store for Paypal processing.

More images can be sent speedily upon request.

All enquiries: 03 9347 1333 or

*  *  *

Pictured: Kyoko Netty scarf (RRP $143);
Estelle Dévé Aurorae earrings (RRP $143);
Limedrop Venetian tee (RRP $170);
Strange & Strange wool wrap shrug (RRP $149);
Materialbyproduct 'pearl' necklace (RRP $242);
Estelle Dévé Cimmerium necklace (RRP $121);
Arnsdorf hair vest (RRP $568);
High Tea with Mrs Woo 'the Secret in Your Eyes' dress (RRP $308);
Primoeza ceramic wrap (RRP $269);
Limedrop Lakehouse tail shirt (RRP $275);
Estelle Dévé Aeolis ring (RRP $139);
Kyoko Shadow scarf (RRP $187);
Estelle Dévé Borealis necklace (RRP $264) 



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