Love Lace

LOVE LACE exhibition work by Katherine Wheeler

This time last week, half of Milly Sleeping went to Sydney. Well, perhaps half is generous - after a very late arrival and a battle with Spring winds, I was possibly only two-thirds of a person, rushing around and getting lost.

I was there to attend the Wearer's Right trade fair, and saw great new collections (for A/W 12!) by several well-loved Milly labels. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to see the Love Lace exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and I did get there in the end - but all things being as they were, I literally had 15 minutes to dash about with my camera in front of my face.

I can highly recommend it to anyone visiting Sydney between now and April of next year; the breadth and quality of the works is very impressive. I was particularly pleased to walk straight in and find the gown by Alexi Freeman and Tessa Blazey before me, spinning and dazzling in a very prime position.

[All things being as they were] this is an un-comprehensive glance at some of my favourite pieces:

Interstellar gown by Alexi + Tessa;

L: Karen Richards; R: Michelle Eastwood;

Alvena Hall

L: Ingrida Suna; R: Golnar Roshan;

Animation by Cecilia Heffer and Burt Bongers;

L: Jane Bowden; R: Anna Lindsay Macdonald

L: Lenka Suchanek; R: Patricia Hickman;

L: (L) Vishna Collins; (R) Ludmila Abramova; R: Michaela Bruton;

Nava Lubelski



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*  *  *

Pictured: Elle D by Limedrop sheer drape dress (RRP $140 or $119 with subscribers' discount), worn over Livia Arena Deirde silk swing top (RRP $172 or $146) and Livia Arena Pretend Shorts (RRP $150);
Livia Arena navy linen tee (RRP $132 or $112) with Elle D mini bike shorts (RRP $55 or $47);
Elle D sheer drape dress (RRP $140 or $119) over Livia Arena Deirdre silk swing top (RRP $172 or $146);
Elle D bustier dress (RRP $121 or $103) 



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... all dressed in...

Happy day.

Milly Sleeping has new garments in by High Tea with Mrs Woo, including the lovely Miss Mary Mack top pictured here (which is not only not black, it comes in two pretty prints) ...

... and great new under/over garments (as you please) from a label called Elle D, which is an offshoot of Limedrop...

and, Milly Sleeping's web server is finally back, meaning you can email and anticipate a response (although image files are still better off finding their way to

*  *  *

Pictured: Miss Mary Mack pleated top by High Tea with Mrs Woo (RRP $220 or $187 with our subscribers' discount) and Livia Arena (RRP $209 or $159)



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(Before reading on, please note our message re contacting Milly Sleeping, here).

My last outing week for Fashion Week was a visit to No Vacancy Gallery to see the RMIT Student Exhibition. I walked in expecting garments, and encountered a diverse array of conceptual pieces made using all kinds of different materials and media, expanding the notion of what fashion design may constitute.

Unfortunately, all I had on me for taking pictures was my phone and the pictures don't quite do the works justice - particularly in the case of Almendro Basurto's PVC sculpture, which was rather wonderful and rather hard to capture.

Foreground: Concreteness by Whindu Setiawati

Tentillis by Alana Hersh

Phase Two; Objecthood curated by Rose Megirian

Precious Threads by Anisha Bhoyro

Atmospheres by Almendro Basurto


Goodbye Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. See you next year no doubt...


P. S. Many apologies to those artists unacknowledged here.



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Getting in touch

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Unfortunately, no enquiries will be received via the server (until further notice). Please contact us by calling +61 3 9347 1333 or emailing

If you are a designer/design label or agent, please note that this Gmail address is our preferred point of contact for digital lookbook files etc. We'd love you to address your introduction to Leah and Janette, and must thank you in advance for your patience as it can take us a while to go through the incoming lookbooks at this time of year.



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