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Pictured (clockwise from top left):

an irresistible snap of Kuwaii's Kristy B, preparing for the press today (lucky press);

a special picture from Jade Sarita Arnott's beautiful Vogue blog post, all about her mother;

a Milly rack, heavy with Winter coats from Alexi Freeman, ffiXXed, Jolet, Livia Arena and Lui Hon;

a very exciting package in the mail...



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Plenty of...

Somebody asked me today why I was photographing the scarves and I said, 'because we're trying to suggest good ideas for Mother's Day'... And then the same person responded, 'isn't it a bit late for that?' and I said, 'sigh, yes, possibly' ... except that I haven't yet shopped for Mum, and neither had the asker of difficult questions.

Milly Sleeping has many options for those running (a bit) short of time. We have beautiful scarves in varied sizes, weights and fabrics; we have jewellery, and we've restocked our precious supply of OK OK tights and socks - thanks Emina!

We also have new garments in (including wool jackets!) from Alexi Freeman, Jolet and Kuwaii... Plenty to see, plenty of reasons to drop by. 

*  *  *

Pictured: Primoeza Sandgrain scarf in salmon (RRP $139 or $118 for subscribers) with Kuwaii Nature twist dress (RRP $290 or $247);

Limedrop Starsky tube scarf (RRP $132 or $112) with Limedrop Starsky keyhole top w- sheer back (RRP $231 or $196);

Alexi Freeman mesh Galaxy scarf in black with gold print (RRP $69 or $59) with Alexi Freeman Galaxy kite mini dress (RRP $295 or $251);

Alexi Freeman Galaxy scarf in black with silver print (RRP $89 or $76) with Alexi Freeman Galaxy kite top (RRP $245 or $208);

High Tea with Mrs Woo Escape Rope scarf (RRP $110 or $94) with High Tea with Mrs Woo merino East of Eden cardigan (RRP $338/$287 without scarf; $428/$364 with scarf);

Mücke 'Part 2' (RRP $85 or $72) with Livia Arena Townsend trench jacket (RRP $485 or $412);

Strange & Strange merino shrug in black & charcoal stripe (RRP $149 or $127) with Strange & Strange merino contrast cowl neck top (RRP $198 or $168);

Primoeza Fine Grid scarf in blue/grey (RRP $149 or $127) with ffiXXed Directional Developments shirt ($213 or $181)



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For various (almost subliminal) reasons, the colour for Milly sleeping in the maid's room is blue - French flag blue to be precise.



Little things

Here is an overdue peek into our jewellery cabinet, which holds brilliant and fine things from the Paleozoic Dreams collection by Estelle Dévé ... earrings by Alexi + Tessa ... and button brooches by High Tea with Mrs Woo. Everybody could use a big wooden button, couldn't everybody (or everybody's mum)?! Each is about 6cm in diameter.

Also, while we're peeking...
here is a lovely read about the making of a patchwork sweater,
here is a great idea for Saturday afternoon,
and here is a well-deserved nod to ED from Susie Bubble.

*  *  *

Pictured above: Estelle Dévé gold Ophyr ring set (RRP $135 or $115 for subscribers);

Alexi + Tessa gold chain earrings (RRP $70 or $60);

Estelle Dévé Flint necklace (RRP $225 or $191), and Flint bracelet (RRP $170 or $145);

High Tea 'Devil's medal' button brooch (RRP $48);

Estelle Dévé Neogene earrings - cast using baby shark's teeth! - (RRP $145 or $123) 

Estelle Dévé shield ring (RRP $140 or $119)



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Milly sleeping in the maid's room

It's been mentioned a couple of times... Milly Sleeping now has a second space in operation in the city.

On Fridays and Saturdays between 12 and 6, the store will also be operating from 1A Crossley Street - a lane that runs between Pellegrini's and The Paperback Bookshop, off Bourke Street. Milly shares a little showroom (the maid's room) with the lovely Denise and Peter of S!X, across the way from excellent Sarah Scout gallery, and above both Von Haus café bar and Lucy Folk's fantastic flagship store. Crossley Street is also the long-term home of tailors, vintage stores, galleries (including my favourite, Funaki) and Ginger Boy restaurant.

In the maid's room today, we have bags and garments by ffiXXed and Romance Was Born, scarves and wraps by Primoeza and MüCKE, new silver jewellery from Estelle Dévé's Paleozoic Dreams collection (with a selection of gold pieces remaining at MS Carlton) and new OK OK tights. Our products will be rotated and added to over time; we also have exciting plans afoot to present some mini installations in the upstairs hallway.

Relevant updates will continue to be posted at this site ... And we're having fun assembling relevant, sort-of relevant and completely miscellaneous imagery at Pinterist.

Enquiries ...



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