Arnsdorf denim, last legs

This is what I am dreaming of today - a new pair of Arnsdorf jeans.

Milly Sleeping recently received a small (precious) delivery of indigo and black jeans, to supplement our existing small (precious) stock of denim. There are now mini shorts (a great winter alternative with thick, woolen tights), wide leg and slim jeans. All pairs are reduced because we are in big-time sale mode, hurrah!

If you'd like to secure a pair to try on, feel free to email

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Arnsdorf nude slim jeans (RRP $270 now $162)

Arnsdorf black and blue slim jeans (RRP $245 now $208)

Arnsdorf black and blue wide leg jeans (RRP $245 now $208)

Arnsdorf denim shorts (RRP $198 now $99)



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This week...

... We've made some promised updates to our online store, inducting a mini-shop of beautiful and basic knitwear by Strange & Strange...

... All of these garments are 100% wool, discounted by between 15 and 30%, and ready to be sent to you at no extra cost...

... We've collected some delightful additions, visiting the shop of Penelope Durston and the studio of Ellie Mücke for our old loves, those coloured gloves, and a new unisex style for Mücke - great tube scarves made using jumper sleeves (we think!), that can be twisted twice or thrice about the neck...

... Our jewellery cabinet has had a little shake-up and all of the pieces have had their prices reduced in accordance with our COLD to HAWT sale (including those that were already marked down)...

... And we've returned to Von Haus, for the second to last weekend of our Alexi Freeman exhibition, composed of beautiful ballet costumes and great garments from past to present. Unfortunately, no, the costumes aren't for sale... but all of the clothes and accessories are, now discounted from 15 - 50%.

We've had a lovely response to the work thus far and really enjoy talking visitors through the various components on display, so if you haven't made it along, please do in these final days.

Previews and tales have been published at The Thousands and The Thousands, Broadsheet, Craft Victoria and Style Melbourne - aren't we lucky... Many thanks to all involved for their support!



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Wonders never

At Von Haus upstairs, we can't quite believe that it's happening.

Apparently Job Warehouse, the most [insert adjective] of all fabric stores, appears to be closing TODAY. Apparently there is champagne, and dozens of young women serving frantic customers. Apparently no reasonable offer will be refused. We will have to dash out later for a look because I, for one, won't believe it until I really see it.

Drop by the area to verify this spectacle for yourself... And, of course, pop up the stairs to see us. Our Alexi Freeman display continues today and tomorrow (between 12 and 6) and again next weekend, before closing at 6pm on the Saturday, FOREVER. 



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A + T

Alexi + Tessa have done it again... collaborating across Melbourne tabletops to produce a collection of awesome + terrific + affordable + tempting jewellery pieces. These four styles were designed to tie in with Alexi Freeman's garment collection for S/S 12/13 ... but we were lucky enough to receive the goods in time for last week's launch. Hooray for local makers and designers - these were ordered, produced and delivered in a matter of days.

There are still a few of each style left (today they're all at Von Haus but, as of tomorrow, they will be available at both Milly Carlton and City). We think they are very nicely priced already but, given that we are on sale at both locations, we are happy to take 15% off the RRP of the Alexi + Tessa collection - if you can remember to mention this post (or if you're a Milly Sleeping subscriber, or a Facebook or Twitter follower, or if you have good taste enough to choose them).

To make sure you don't miss out, feel free to email and we can set something aside - part of the fun is describing each style - I see a paw, Alexi sees a chicken, and you?

*  *  *

Pictured (clockwise from top left), black perspex jewellery with sterling silver plated findings:

Pierced relic necklace (RRP $105);

Relic drop earrings (RRP $55)

Relic chain earrings (RRP $65)

Pierced relic earrings (RRP $45)



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And when we say (almost) all, we really do mean very nearly everything is reduced! Pictures to follow...



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