a message to ...


There is probably not much mystery here, really...

Somebody stuck a very nice sticker on our door, and we're pretty sure its message was intended for the Romance Was Born Acid Square Drape Dress, which is beautiful, indeed.

Hm. Or could it have been meant for the new Tettmann.Doust Naevia Top? Or the Kuwaii Dune dress...


*  *  *

Pictured: Romance Was Born Acid Square silk tee (RRP $190)

RWB Acid Square drape dress (RRP $550)

Tettmann.Doust Opilio Dress (RRP $360)

TD Emberiza Cape (RRP $350)

TD Naevia Top (RRP $370)

Kuwaii Dune dress (RRP $339)

Jenny Kee silk bias scarf (RRP $175)



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Stringing Things Together by Maripossa


Maripossa is the name of a jewellery label, designed and made by Lauren Besser, which moved onto Milly Sleeping's radar via a small storm of wondrous imagery.

Like JK, Lauren has had to overcome setback in the past weeks (Glandular Fever! Hospital!) in order to make her beautiful necklace for Stringing Things Together, and we are both very pleased and grateful to be able to present her work. We took advantage of her imposed down-time, to ask Lauren a few little questions about the project, imminent travel plans and her very recent birthday.

MS: What does Stringing Things Together mean/suggest to you?

LB: 'Stringing Things Together' to me means a combination of opposites... of the old with the new, the raw with the polished, the manmade with the natural. The piece I made for the exhibition translates this notion by combining old hand dyed chains, knotted and woven together with new ones, combined with a pyrite sun earth crystal. I'm always intrigued by the juxtaposition of the beauty and gracefulness of nature with the often harsh manmade materials and objects. I try to convey this in my designs.

MS: Are you still planning to go away and, if so, what are your plans for your trip?

LB: I'm heading to New York this week to shoot the new collection which I'm really looking forward to. The photographer and team are just incredible so I'm quite nervous, excited, anxious and everything in between. I had plans to exhibit in mid October in Spain during Barcelona's contemporary jewellery week, but i've been sick for the last few weeks so just need to play that by ear.

MS: How are you going to celebrate your birthday? Or how did you (if you write this later)...

My birthday was a rather quiet affair. I was actually meant to be in New York seeing Bon Iver but had to reschedule so I ended up having brunch with my close friends, visiting the ocean, followed by a much needed full body massage. I'll be celebrating with debauchery when my health returns. ;)

Thanks again Lauren, and felicitations...

*  *  *

Fragments of thoughts
Silver & copper chain, pyrite sun crystal

Stringing Things Together can be viewed until Sept. 29 on Fridays and Saturdays between 12pm and 6pm at Von Haus, 1A Crossley Street, Melbourne. The individual pieces can be purchased for collection after the exhibition period. Enquiries: leah@millysleeping.com.



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Stringing Things Together by Jasmina Krupic

For many years now, Jasmina Krupic has been on Milly Sleeping's 'list' (or lists)... as a jeweller whose work we've housed, as a participating artist in several of our exhibitions, as a friendly face about town and as a general do-er of interesting things to try to keep up with.

Recently, Jasmina's jewellery business has come to a pause, as she's taken herself back to study in the gold and silversmithing workshops of RMIT... but when we decided that our exhibition for MSFW would be jewellery-based, we were very keen to see what she had been up to and invite her to be involved. Many thanks to Jasmina for juggling this show with her studies and other projects, and the sad loss of her tool box!

She has made two new pieces for Stringing Things Together (which look just great on beautiful Ilia, who did us the great favour of coming back to Milly to model the exhibition pieces). The works started out as three-dimensional representations of a collage series, also produced by Jasmina, and were assembled using bits and pieces from her studio. The works look both unrefined and highly refined - spontaneous and imperfect but wonderfully balanced in terms of materials and colour.

The necklace pictured here at top can actually be pulled entirely apart and (importantly!) reassembled. Its four steel shapes and yellow silk thread are held together by three very strong magnets, which means that it can be drawn into all kinds of configurations, strung at different lengths, or - I guess - hold up papers on your fridge.

*  *  *

Piece one:
Mild steel, paint, linen thread, magnets
Price on application

Piece two:
Rope, steel, cloth tape

Stringing Things Together can be viewed until Sept. 29 on Fridays and Saturdays between 12pm* and 6pm at Von Haus, 1A Crossley Street, Melbourne. The individual pieces can be purchased for collection after the exhibition period. Enquiries: leah@millysleeping.com.

*Except for Friday September 14, when we will be at Von Haus from 2pm - apologies.



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New arrivals

Small deliveries are happening every few days at the moment, and our racks are beginning to really blossom.

We'll take some better snaps soon but, in the meantime, do drop by for a browse at our gradually growing garden ... This week, we received new garments from Tettmann.Doust, Lui Hon and Limedrop... and expect more soon from Romance Was Born and ffiXXed.



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Stringing Things Together

Even though we're already nearing the end of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Milly Sleeping's LookStopShop jewellery showcase - Stringing Things Together - is, happily, still near its beginning.

Including today and tomorrow, there are four weekends left in which to visit. Over the course of September, we'll be posting more pictures and information about the participating artists and their works but, for now, here is an initial close-up of some of the wonderful pieces on display by Anna Varendorff, Jasmina Krupic, Deirdre Hoban, Maripossa (Lauren Besser), Alexi Freeman, Allys Ellen (Allys Phillips) and MüCKE (Ellie Mücke).

*  *  *

Stringing Things Together can be viewed btwn 12pm & 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays until Sept. 29; upstairs at Von Haus, 1A Crossley Street, Melbourne.



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