Stringing Things Together by Anna Varendorff

One of the nicest things about our Stringing Things Together exhibition has been the chance to work with some artists new to Milly Sleeping... Not that Anna Varendorff was exactly new to us, with many mutual Melbourne acquaintances between us (including associations to Cottage Industry and Kuwaii) but we had never had the chance to present Anna's beautiful and stylistically diverse work, nor have much of a chat with her about her ideas and plans...

Many thanks to Anna for being 3 x part of our showcase (particularly so quickly following her return from a solo show in QLD!) and for taking the time to answer a few questions from Milly:

MS: What does Stringing Things Together mean to you?

AV: Stringing things together allows the potential for a story to emerge from between different elements, which other people can recognise as being joined with intention. The deliberate nature of the collection encourages thought.

MS: What is the best thing about your work, or your favourite thing in your studio?

AV: I really love playing with construction and making little sculptures, and the opportunity it gives me to experiment with ideas about material values and weight and preciousness. And also working from the building where my studio is (the Nicholas Building) because it is such a special building, teeming with creativity.

MS: Is being a jeweller different to what you might have imagined before you started practising?

AV: Being a jeweller is a balancing act between sculpture and product for me, so it is always different.

MS: What was your show in Brisbane, and did you have a good time there..?

AV: My show in Brisbane was called Material Contrasts, and was at Ari Jewellery in New Farm. I had a lovely time - Ari is a close friend and so we hung out in the gallery for a few days and ate pastry... mmmm.

MS: What can you talk for hours about?

AV: Hahaha - I tell long stories all the time, about random adventures that happen to me. I should do less talking.

MS: Do you always have a plan for what you'd like to do next or where you'd like to go..?

AV: No, but as I get older I feel like I need to plan a little more. Completing my Masters degree is my current milestone.

*  *  *


Hanging Around
Wooden artists' mannequins, brass

Studio cluster double pendant
sterling silver, onyx, Victorian bluestone, agate - things from my studio & silver tokens from former projects

Balloon cluster double pendant
sterling silver, dyed shell beads and Victorian bluestone

Stringing Things Together can now be viewed at Milly Sleeping Carlton, where the individual pieces can be tried on and purchased! Enquiries:



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In and out (part two)

The second delivery of lovely Inside Outside collars has been made, and the full suite is now available for purchase online!

As mentioned in the previous post, the collars fold up flat for transport inside a little mint bag and will be posted within Australia for free.

*  *  *

Limited edition Inside Outside collars - four styles and four colours available, from $66 to $110.



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Adding to the collection

A first little look at the new Alexi Freeman pieces - two lovely scarves, currently available from both Milly Carlton and Milly at Von Haus in la cité. I almost felt bad putting them under the nose of a confessed scarf-collector yesterday...

*  *  *

Pictured: Alexi Freeman palm mesh scarf (RRP $79) and palm jersey scarf (RRP $89)



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Stringing Things Together by Allys Ellen

When Allys Phillips visited Von Haus recently, we had a nice little chat about the development of her jewellery label - Allys Ellen - and the endearing fact that, although she had been making jewellery ever since she could remember, it had never quite occurred to her to turn a favourite past-time into a business ... even after completing a fashion design and textiles course ... and even after people began to buy the pieces she was making to keep herself busy (after re-locating from England to Australia).

But the golden penny has finally dropped and Allys is now very, very busy - hand-making the beautiful pieces that compose her first collection. Milly Sleeping has been excited to present this range as part of our Stringing Things Together showcase throughout September, and will now house the pieces at our Carlton store (until they're sold out!) ...

In fact, although Stringing Things Together has technically closed, we've decided to bring many of the components of the show back to 157 Elgin, and present the works in a different light for a few more weeks. If you haven't yet had a chance to view the jewellery in person, please do drop by soon and try a few pieces on.

*  *  *

Pictured: Allys Ellen Hex pearl stud earrings - available in silver and gold - (RRP $55);

AE mid-weight braided hex necklace (RRP $125);

AE heavy-weight braided hex bracelet (RRP $125);

AE mid-weight braided hex bracelet (RRP $90);

AE heavy-weight braided hex necklace (RRP $165);

AE mini braided hex necklace (RRP $115);

AE mini braided hex bracelet (RRP $80);

Final picture: the two-tone 'Industrial Division' necklace displayed by Milly Sleeping during Stringing Things Together is part of a series of limited edition works created by Allys Ellen for Edition X, which is now available for purchase online.

*  *  *

Black and white portraits of Allys Phillips in her studio by Alice Hutchison.



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Inside Outside

Happy October!

This month is destined to be one full of sweet new things ... but it is possible that we received the absolute sweetest thing on the very first day. Martha of new label Inside Outside delivered a round of collars to Milly Sleeping yesterday, and we saw fit to put them straight into the window.

There are three styles and three colour ways currently in store (with more to come) all of which look lovely and sophisticated with a range of different necklines and outfits. Each is 100% cotton and part of an edition of 50; they fold up flat and come with a neat little drawstring bag, which makes them a great gift or a delightful treat to receive in the mail...

*  *  *

Inside Outside Limited Ed. cotton collars are just $66 each. Mail orders will attract no postage charge. Email with enquiries.



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