Long weekend

Milly Sleeping Carlton is closed today and tomorrow (Melbourne Cup Day, Tues. Nov. 6).

Inside, we're undertaking a few rearrangements, and finalising updates to the online store.

Outside, we'll be checking in with the races, as well as catching up on the excitement of The Australian Ballet's 50th Anniversary celebrations, including collaborations with Vogue and the NGV!

*  *  *

Pictured at left: ffiXXed Cube bag (now $161);

at right: costumes by Akira Isogawa, featured in the new Balled & Fashion exhibition at NGV International



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In the works

After stints at both Von Haus and Milly Carlton, we're calling it a day for our jewellery showcase, Stringing Things Together... but, if you missed it, there are still a number of pieces by participating artists on display in our faithful cabinet.

We're also in the process of uploading great bracelets, necklaces and earrings by Allys Ellen into our online store ... and are very pleased at the prospect of presenting a fantastic new collaboration by Kuwaii and Melbourne-based jeweller Seb Brown - coming to Milly Sleeping soon.

*  *  *

Pictured: porcelain necklace by Deirdre Hoban for Stringing Things Together;

Allys Ellen mini Hex braided necklace (RRP $115), heavy-weight Hex necklace (RRP $165), mid-weight Hex bracelet (RRP $90) and pearl Hex earrings (RRP $55)



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+ + +

Like a broken record, we sing out to Milly Sleeping's visitors that there are "more sizes and styles out the back". The stockroom's offerings fluctuate and diminish but there is always a treasure or two, or twenty-seven, behind the curtain ... great sale items and lots of lucky lasts.

As preparations for Melbourne's Spring race days peak, we have been spending as much time out the back as we have out the front, foraging for particular pieces for particular people for particular occasions. It's fun. So, if you have something specific/special in mind when browsing, please feel free to mention it to us.



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People (and places) ...

Spotted - Milly Sleeping selections in online publications, Superior and Rever. Nice.

See the lovely Lui Hon Azy wrap skirt (at top), the Livia Arena white and black silkie jumper ... the CUTE Romance Was Born 'fish rug' cropped pants... the Romance Was Born 'red rug' silk tee with sherpa vest and Kuwaii Beyond The World midi skirt and, finally, the Romance Was Born 'tutti frutti' pea-coat and linen skirt.

Also, while we're posting images with people in them ... a great group shot of the famous and talented and handsome and kind Melbourne design delegates recently chosen to show their collections in Beijing during the local fashion festival. From far left, that's Kristy of Kuwaii, next to Clea of Limedrop, and the one and only Lui Hon.

*  *  *

Garment enquiries: leah@millysleeping.com

The first three of the above images are from Superior:
Photographer: Agnieszka Chabros
Stylist: Sinead Hargreaves
Hair and make-up: Victoria Martin
Model: Grace @ Giant MGR

The final images are from Rever:
Photographer: Agnieszka Chabros
Hair & Make up: Kate Radford
Model: Iris @ Scene Model Management
Stylist: Sinead Hargreaves



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Spring, in other words



Herein, there are eighteen nice images and fourteen horizontal spaces between them, which is just enough lines for a SONNET.

And surely the garments are that dreamy ... for dreamy dreamy days ahead - at the races, a wedding, an afternoon in the gardens ...

*  *  *

Pictured: Kuwaii Drift silk dress (RRP $399) with Kuwaii Esperance sandals (RRP $280);

Limedrop Very Very Big shirt (RRP $220) worn with Inside Outside cotton collar (RRP $110);

Kuwaii Geo midi skirt (RRP $339) with Kuwaii Cicada platform sandals (RRP $365);

Alexi Freeman Palm Relic dress (RRP $399);

Alexi Freeman Relic tee (RRP $245) with AF Palm ballet skirt (RRP $225) & AF Palm jersey scarf (RRP $89);

Tettmann.Doust Vespula blouse (RRP $390) with T.D. Eos scarf (RRP $156) & Kuwaii Cosmic pants (NOW $188);

Lui Hon Rasije hanging strap dress (RRP $471);

Lui Hon Saturn cowl dress (RRP $471);

Romance Was Born Silver Surfer silk shirt dress (RRP $690) with Jenny Kee silk baby bias scarf (RRP $175) and Kuwaii Esperance sandals (RRP $280)



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