Dream On

Pictured above are Milly Sleeping's selection of garments from the new Romance Was Born collection, Dream On. As usual, RWB chose some exceptional artists to work with to develop their prints: Jonathon Zawada and Alia Penner.

The top and slacks featuring the all stars print are made from a robust cotton with a hard-to-describe woven texture that has a slightly sporty look. And, yes, the latter - the Submarine Slacks - are low in the crotch. For some, this does take a bit of getting used to although we think these are quite a streamlined style, with little bagginess and no bunchiness to speak of. These are early nominees for the Most Comfortable and Handsome Pants of 2014.

*  *  *

RWB silk Alia Wheel Tshirt (RRP $250);

RWB cotton Submarine slacks (RRP $390);

RWB silk Green Portal Tshirt (RRP $250);

RWB silk Cosmic Kaftan dress (RRP $550);

RWB cotton Feline top (RRP $350);

RWB silk No Place Like Home dress (RRP $590);

RWB cotton jersey March On Tshirt (RRP $140)



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Clockwise from top left:

(one) Last night, we ducked in briefly to the opening of Simultaneous Affinities, an exhibition by ffiXXed and Ester Partegás at Neon Parc gallery in the city. It's a concise and interesting (or, rather, mysterious) show... a display of concealment, perhaps to do with self-presentation, and the vacuity (and waste) of ill-considered fashion? Check it out, and be sure to poke your head around the dividing wall to see two minimal, beautiful canvases by Partegás.

Simultaneous Affinities is part of the extensive Cultural Program for this year's Melbourne Fashion Festival! The festival's official schedule unfolds next weeks, with zillions of parades/exhibitions and window installations/events/workshops and films to see...

... including (two) Designer Thinking at Melbourne Now, which I have been happily calling Thinking Design, whoops. This is also a small but great installation. It can be found on the ground floor of NGV Australia, via the Fed. Sq. atrium.

(three) On a different note, in addition to our amazing &Attorney Flinders Boots, we now have quite a handful of lucky last Kuwaii shoes on sale. It's worth a look through our catalogue for a rare pair of these lovely, long-lasting sandals, lace-ups, etc.

(four) Collection viewings for Spring/Summer have already begun. In our hot little hands, we have the latest Romance Was Born lookbook, with more to follow soon. If you don't already know, Milly Sleeping does a little in the way of 'special orders' nowadays, choosing specific pieces for specific persons. If there's a collection by a particular label (or labels) that you'd like to preview, feel free to email us.



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Dear reader,

A little look, here, at some of Milly Sleeping's first arrivals for A/W 14: lovely, and genuinely 'transeasonal', linen and cotton tops by Primoeza, plus beautiful handmade boots by &Attorney. Not yet pictured but in store are typically amazing Ts, tops and slacks by Romance Was Born. And, even as I write, a box has just arrived very unexpectedly from ffiXXed

These delights will be followed in the coming weeks/perhaps months by garments and accessories from the studios of (in no particular order): Sosume, Kuwaii, Raggatt, Livia Arena, Anna VarendorffSoot, OK OK, Kara Liu, Georgia Alice and quite possibly more.

It's going to be a busy time. As well as VAMFF, and the release of sample collections for - wait for it - S/S 14/15!! - we are going to be migrating to a new website. This may be a seamless process or it may be a bit of a bumpy ride, we're yet to find out.

We hope to maintain timely updates re incoming stock, as well as making additions to our online store (if possible). Our most regular and reliable updates, however, are undoubtedly made via Instagram these days, followed by our comparatively neglected Facebook page (sorry to those who prefer the latter medium). If there's something that you're interested in finding, or that you'd like to be made available online, you are also most welcome to call or write to us

And, if you happen to have any feedback regarding our current website or use of social media, or what you'd like to see more of at our new website, etc. - we would love to hear it. We really like receiving emails from you!

With many thanks,

Milly & co.

*  *  *

Pictured: Primoeza blue Clay Raglan top (RRP $259) worn with Anna Varendorff Supported Scribble necklace (RRP $310);

Primoeza Evie Button Up top (RRP $229) in oat check - now available in soot check;

&Attorney leather Flinders boot in black and dark brown (RRP $375);

Primoeza Evie Button up top (RRP $229) in rust;

Primoeza floral Clay Raglan top (RRP $259)

Final images by taken by Elizabeth of Primoeza when she dropped in today - thanks E!



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Last weeks

This is what the last weeks of a sale look like ... We have an accumulated range of 'lucky last' garments (ie. the last remaining item of a particular style).

As we've done in the past, today we grouped all of these items together and made even greater reductions to their sale prices. There's a lot that's half price or less, and quite a number of pieces now under $100. We marked down items online, as well, and popped additional items into the catalogue there. Of course, when there's only one left, it's often a case of being lucky with size. If you have any qs or wishes, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

*  *  *

Pictured (a small selection of our current lucky lasts):

ffiXXed Holding bag (was $145, now $40);

Lui Hon Estherian vest (was $528, now $250);

ffiXXed La Nina La Pinta Tshirt (was $185, now $84);

Romance Was Born Pearl Tuck Top (was $430, now $135);

Limedrop sheer 3/4 skirt (was $180, now $85)

Romance Was Born Ruffle skirt (was $350, now $100)

Raggatt shirt vest (was $290, now $150)

High Tea Me & Matinée dress (was $368, now $275)



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In just a few hours time, the winner of the International Woolmark Prize will be announced. Among the finalists are Fiona Lau and Kain Picken of ffiXXed! We have our World Clock set to Milan time, and our fingers crossed. 

In conjuction with the event, and in anticipation of the forthcoming ffiXXed collection 'simultaneous affinities', we thought we would make ffiXXed pieces the feature element of our current offerings. The only obstacle to the realisation of this fine idea is the fact that the label is one of our best-sellers, and we have a somewhat limited selection of their garments left... a handful of stunning dresses, a couple of scarves, numerous Tshirts and shirts and the two (or four) items pictured above, which are recent additions to the storewide sale...

*  *  *

Pictured: ffiXXed Y-shirts ($179 now $143);

ffiXXed Carpet skirts ($209 now $167)



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