More for less...

All Livia Arena AW13 garments in store are now priced at 25% less, including these two wonderful jackets, which warmly await you via our online shoppe.

*  *  *

Pictured: Livia Arena cashmere dressing gown coat (RRP $690 now $518)

Livia Arena (RRP $490 now $368) 

both worn with ffiXXed le Nest dress ($264)

Allys Ellen midweight Hex necklace - also in the online store - (RRP $125 now $113)

Tusler leather Caspian Pony bag (RRP $286)



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. . .

As it is already *tonight*, meaning that today's blog post is late, here is just a very quick look at some items of note:

on the left - the latest lovely sale items to be uploaded into our online store (in exchange for others that were whisked out this week);

on the right - some great pics of the new Primoeza scarves, courtesy of Elizabeth Rayman Yong on both counts... who also delivered the scarves herself... to set us up for a lighter, brighter weekend.

*  *  *

Pictured: Romance Was Born linen pea coat (now $220);

Lui Hon Hepburn soft jacket (now $290);

Georgina Thomas split body jumper (now $85)

Primoeza alpaca/Egyptian cotton Colour Block scarves (RRP $147)



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Glancing around, from top left:

Ellie Mücke (who is always up to something different) was announced the Victorian 'ambassador' in the Nespresso challenge. Seven innovative artists/makers, including Ellie, from around the country will spend the next fortnight creating an artwork utilising excess coffee capsules! Their progress can be monitored at the Project Upcycle blog;

my favourite, or my second favourite, of our Mücke jumper parts currently in store;

we have been remiss in announcing here the arrival of our tiny bottles of Australian made, non-toxic nail polish (but they have been trickling out the door anyway)... These are the delightful result of a collaboration between Kuwaii and Kester Black, custom-coloured to complement the current Kuwaii Regalia collection;

finally, the fantastic and much anticipated 'Lapel Into Sleeve' coat by a new label for Milly: Raggatt. More about *that* soon...

*  *  *

Clockwise: Ellie Mücke photographed by Olga Bennett;

Mücke woollen Part Two (RRP $85);

Kuwaii x Kester black nail polishes - three colours - $12 a pop;

Lapel Into Sleeve coat by Raggatt (RRP $435)



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"Newy Woo"


The fact is that ol' Milly Sleeping is really starting to get on... and, as a consequence, some of the associations Janette and I have made through the store have been ongoing for many years. Since 2006, we have known and been very fond of Ange, Ro and Julse - the sisters of High Tea With Mrs Woo - and have enjoyed lots of frank and funny conversations with the three whenever interstate trips (one way or another) have afforded them.

You may well already know that the Foong sisters are from Newcastle, where they originally established their label and opened their first boutique ... and that, some years ago, they opened a second store on Oxford Street in Sydney. You may also know that they not only delight in tales and whimsy, and create garments that are wonderful, witty and warm, but they are also incredibly hard-working young women, who are utterly rigorous in applying their aesthetic tendencies and standards to everything they touch.

When we heard that their first shop was undergoing renovations, we knew that it would be a very hands-on project for the sisters and their band of beloved helpers (and it did indeed involve the use of as much salvaged, up-cycled or hand-made material as possible). And we knew that the result would be something beautiful!

We would love to visit A, R & J and see the newly finished space in person but, in the meantime, we've rustled up (or down, rather) these lovely photos (taken by Julse) to share with you, along with our own quick snaps of a few High Tea favourites currently in store here at Milly.

Thank you very much to the ladies of Woo, for continually indulging us...

LM xo

*  *  * 

Follow the chronicles of Woo on Instagram and see the final product of another huge recent endeavour - an overhaul of the High Tea site.

*  *  *

Pictured from Milly Sleeping:

Aunt Vanya dress shirt at top (was $268, now $201);

Once And For All cord floral wrap jacket (was $319, now $120);

Fly By Night dress in 'chilli' red (was $298, now $268);

Chapter Two pleated shirt (was $264, now $90);

Copywriter reversible wrap jacket (was $468, now $374)



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Loafing around


Two new Kuwaii shoe styles have landed in store, and are now mingling in the rays of the Winter sun with our few remaining pairs from earlier days.

Amid the group are several lucky lasts and just a small number of new Morris platform boots and Arco loafers - the latter of which is a new design (and we think Milly Sleeping was the only shop to order them). Each has an embossed leather sole that reads ...

by FEAT Pty Ltd'

... 'Feat' being the Clifton Hill shoe-maker.

I didn't know this was their name! If I was a shoe-maker and I had called myself, Feat, I would be pretty pleased with myself.

*  *  *

All pictured shoes and boots by Kuwaii:

Arco loafer (RRP $290);

the last pair of aqua lace-up Darby shoes (now $259)

Morris platform boot (RRP $410)

a range of Summer sandals (now from $220)



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