Despite the regular attention and compliments that we pay our LOVELY website, it seems to be a little upset that so many nice images are currently being posted elsewhere. It's refusing to upload pictures, which means that we can't show you the new Romance Was Born pieces that arrived this week, which are just adorable - a Spring anorak (which sounds adorable, doesn't it?) and a stunning dress/tunic... We can't show you our equally adorable new cards by Gracia & Lousie, nor the invitation we received to their latest great-looking show, All breathing in heaven... We can't show you our preparations for Craft Hatch, which will take place on Saturday week. And we can't show you the Estelle Dévé sale jewellery that we've photographed for the online store.

One thing that we can show you, which is rather special (and almost makes up for the rest, sort of) are the new Jenny Kee scarves that arrived last week, which we snuck into the online store before this strike began. Among the designs is Goddessthe very latest artwork that Jenny has had translated to print... We were lucky enough to pick this up just as it was released and are currently the only store to have the baby square style available!

Anyway... Have a lovely weekend all. We hope to have our site issues rectified shortly although with our various Craft-related projects on the go, it is possible that there will be a continuation of the blog hiatus.



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Today only!

Dear Sunday browser, glad we caught you...

Yes... Today only, we have a handful of beautiful Livia Arena samples in store - two basket weave pieces and two laser cut styles. These have been loaned by lovely Livia for a particular client with a special occasion ahead - but if you are interested and able to drop by before 4pm today, you'll be more than welcome to have a little look, too.



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Nice Work (an essay!)

Nice Work - Milly Sleeping's exhibition for the Craft Cubed festival - is now at its halfway point. Every day this month, I've received an image (by mobile phone or email) from the working space of a different local designer/artisan. Not long after seeing each submission for the first time myself, I've published it online - in small square format at Instagram, and in original format at the Nice Work blog.

By the time August is through, I will have received (at least) 31 daily submissions from 31 or more different Australian labels. The brief issued to these contributors asked that they send one image only - a representation of the contents of their studio, the tools of their trade and/or the nature of their work. They were invited to use their image and its accompanying caption to respond to the notion of 'nice work', however that may be interpreted.

We keep saying that Nice Work is a glimpse inside the studios and at the working practices of its talented contributors. As the submissions line up, side by side, we also anticipate seeing something/s less concrete - perhaps a level of tension and interest created by the diversity of the imagery. As 'curator', I've come to feel that the challenge for the designers - the brief - is equally simple and complicated, open and limited... and the project as a whole is an exercise in seeing what happens.

I'm very interested in the perspective that each designer has on their work and working life... The ways that each is willing, or unwilling, to publicly present and promote their work and the more personal aspects of it... The (questionable) intimacy, insight and immediacy that social media appears to enable... The kinds of 'candid' imagery and interactions that are now so prevalent in the realm of business-running and marketing, which appear vastly different from the business-running and marketing of the not-very-distant past. On a more technical note, I'm also simply interested in utilising and exploring the means for chronological documentation, which Instagram and other like applications seem to make perfectly possible and straight-forward.

I do hope that you will have a look and follow along. One thing that is made clear by the exhibition submissions, if it wasn't already known, is that the designers are very very busy people, juggling myriad roles, ideas and endeavours - and I'm thankful for their time and enthusiasm.


*  *  *

Pictured: 'Nice Work' also has a corresponding store window display, which is developing in response to the daily submissions. It's not very photogenic but it's pretty cute.



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We are having a good time sending some of our 'lucky lasts' out into the wide world. Here are a few more lingering beauties...

*  *  *

Pictured: Arnsdorf nude slim jean (was $270 now $100);

Livia Arena Not A Drape tee (was $220 now $120);

Lonely Hearts Court tee (was $123 now $30);

Kuwaii Past & Present midi dress (was $329 now $150);

Limedrop Spanish blazer - clouds (was $398 now $110) - SOLD;

Romance Was Born owl skirt (was $290 now $150);

Materialbyproduct Street jacket (was $420 now $190);

ffiXXed o/s drawstring shirt (was $264 now $50)



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Last leg of sale

We pulled together all of our 'lucky last' items, which are those single garments that linger after we've sold all of a style but one... We lay them end to end and covered the length of Elgin and Johnston Streets seven times!, until finally running out of garments just across the road from Casa Iberica (whence we popped in for a couple of Portuguese tarts).

Just kidding... In actual fact, we pulled all of our single pieces together... We filled three racks to the brim, and we marked all of the prices down significantly. This is the last phase of our Milly Sleeping's Winter sale, for the duration of August. Drop by today for the first pick of the lucky lasts.

*  *  *

Pictured: the last ffiXXed Simplified Enjoyment tee (was $137 now $75) - SOLD;

the last Alexi Freeman Chain kite tee (was $199 now $100);

" " Kuwaii Geo midi skirt (was $339 now $175);

" " ffiXXed linen tassel scarf (was $87 now $50) - SOLD;

" " Georgina Thomas tencel Volume dress (was $446 now $200);

" " Romance Was Born Deco Dancer silk tee (was $290 now $150) - SOLD;

" " Romance Was Born silk Sunflower shirt dress (was $365 now $120) - SOLD;

" " Mücke one shirt singlet (was $245 now $110)



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